ClaroPDF iOS 2.3 Released

We’ve released an update for our ClaroPDF iOS app that introduces some great new features and improvements.

One of the major changes is the revamped document list, which has been tweaked to be easier to view and read.

  • The document thumbnails are larger and easier to identify.
  • The document titles are a different colour.
  • Larger spacing between documents, which helps to aid readability.

You can see the difference between the old list and the new 2.3 list here:

Old list

Old list

New 2.3 list

New 2.3 list

As a further enhancement to the the My Documents list – you can now toggle between list mode, as seen above and grid mode, as shown below:

Grid view

Grid view

Grid view mode shows large document previews, so you can easily navigate and visually identify your documents.

Another great new addition to 2.3 is the direct integration with the popular file sharing platform Microsoft OneDrive.  Because ClaroPDF is now integrated directly with OneDrive, you no longer need to have the OneDrive app installed or configured on your device to access your OneDrive files.

A new menu item will appear under Open from…which now lists OneDrive:

One Drive menu

One Drive menu

Tapping this will prompt you to log in and then you’ll have access to all of your OneDrive files in ClaroPDF, similar to how the app is also integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox.

One Drive list

One Drive list

Likewise, you can also save files back to your OneDrive account using the Save > Save to OneDrive option in ClaroPDF.

For a full list of changes, please see the ClaroPDF release notes.

Commandline Options for Installer EXE Files for Windows

All our Claro Software products are packed into exe files using a tool called IExpress. IExpress handles the installation and extraction of the product for us and does so automatically. This ensures that users don’t need to understand or know where the files are temporarily stored during installation or the location of specific configuration files. However, a few options can be modified to change how the installation is performed.

This article by Microsoft: Command Line Options lists the options available when you access the installer via the command line. Using the parameters listed you can run the installer in quiet mode, hiding all user prompts and just installing in the background; extract the contents of the installer without actually installing it or even force the computer to restart after installation.

New Features – ClaroRead Chromebook 16

ClaroRead Chrome Extension

ClaroRead Chromebook 16 has some new features that make it easier to use and more versatile.


We’ve worked on the toolbar user interface so it feels more intuitive to use, more like a standard desktop application.

We’ve added a title bar and the close button stops ClaroRead Chromebook speaking entirely. This makes it super-easy to turn speech in the extension off without having to hunt through settings. Word prediction and screen tinting stays on, so you still get support for your reading and writing – just no speech.

But what if you want speech sometimes?

You don’t want to keep having to open settings and turn the toolbar on. To help we have added a menu option. If you right-click on a selection you have made in a web page, Google Doc or PDF file: you’ll see an option for “Speak selected text”. This speaks the text you have highlighted. So you get no speech until you really want it, which is less distracting. It is also particularly useful in PDF files opened on Chromebooks where your organisation’s security settings prevent ClaroRead being able to open PDF files.

Finally we’ve also made reading in text areas, like most composition and edit boxes, smoother and more like the Windows and Mac experience. And Norwegian users get ClaroRead for Chromebook in Norwegian and with Norwegian letter sounds when typing.

Updates to ClaroRead for Chromebook 16 are free and automatic. Check out the release notes for more details.


Next up for ClaroRead for Chromebook is our super-helpful spellcheck!

Dyslexia Awareness Week: Enabling Technologies

Dyslexia is lifelong problem that can present challenges on a daily basis. From October 1st, 2010, disability discrimination issues became covered by the Equality Act, and it is estimated that up to 1 in every 10 to 20 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia. Our products allow people to compensate for the reading and writing challenges that come with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Awareness Week is an annual event aimed to further understanding of Dyslexia, and is always a combined effort of ideas, publicity and events from many different organisations, associations, schools, work places and individuals.

This year it will take place from Monday 1st to Sunday 7th October 2018 with World Dyslexia Awareness Day being celebrated on Thursday 4th October, focusing on the theme Enabling Technologies (Assistive Technology).

The British Dyslexia Association provide further information about the event.

British Dyslexia Association

Let’s make the most of DAW 2018 #21stCenturyDyslexia

New Support Tool to Help you Change the License Key on your Windows Machine

Sometimes a site licencee will need to change the licence key under which ClaroRead is deployed, typically for software audits. Of course, we are happy to work with customers to make this as painless as possible.

One thing we’ve been asked is for the ability to change the licence key on a particular machine. We’ve therefore created a small utility, “Licence Key Changer”, that lets you enter a new licence key for any of the Claro programs installed on your Windows machine.

You can access the License Key Changer from our Support Toolkit.


Claro Software is now Cyber Essentials Certified!

We are excited to announce that as of today, we are now Cyber Essentials certified.

Cyber Essentials Badge

Not sure what Cyber Essentials is?

Cyber Essentials helps to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrates our commitment to cyber security.

Our systems and software meet the following requirements under five technical control themes:

  • firewalls
  • secure configuration
  • user access control
  • malware protection
  • patch management

Our certification reassures you that our defences will protect against the vast majority of common cyber-attacks simply because these attacks are looking for targets which do not have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place.

Cyber Essentials Cert

Find out more about Cyber Essentials here.


AT Roadshow Events 2018

Claro Software, Inspiration and Nuance have teamed up to go on the road to give DSA Assessors and HE Disability Officers the opportunity to gain free CPD on their products, as well an opportunity to network with fellow professionals.

Where and when?

The CPD roadshows will run from 9.30-1.30pm on:
• 26th June – York (Mansion House)
• 27th June – Coventry University (Techno Centre)
• 28th June – London (Westminster – Central Hall)

The event will include the following presentations:

Claro Software: Supporting students on every device
From ClaroRead for Windows and Mac to our great apps for iPad, iPhone and Android, get updates on the latest versions of all our Claro Software programs and real-world examples of how they are used to help students achieve all they can.

Inspiration Software: Inspiration Maps for iOS
Demonstration of Inspiration Maps, the most intuitive and powerful visual thinking and learning app on iPad and iPhone. Inspiration Maps can be used to help students with specific learning difficulties brainstorm, mind map, plan, take notes and write essays, making it ideal for use in lectures, classes and field trips, where a laptop is less convenient.

Nuance: Getting the most out of Dragon
Get the latest news and a detailed demo of the world-class best speech recognition solution, Dragon Professional. Hints and tips for getting the most out of this powerful tool, including proofing, transcription, and mobile. Try it out yourself and learn how it works.

Presentation by our guest Assistive Technology Service Provider
Microlink (London), Invate (Coventry) and iansyst (York).

Click here for the full agenda.

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and a free copy of;
• Inspiration Maps
• ClaroRead Pro for Windows and Mac and all our Apps

Why attend?

Find out the very latest information about our roadshow products and ask the questions you need answering, to ensure that your organisation is offering the best product solutions to your students.


Spaces are limited, so click here to make your booking.

We hope to see you there!

Claro Software at the ADSHE Annual Conference

Claro Software will be attending the ADSHE Annual Conference: ‘Labels v. Inclusive Practice – A Rose by any Other Name’ on Friday 22nd June 2018.

Visit our stand to see our latest products and meet our team. We will be demonstrating all of our software including the latest ClaroRead for Windows and our great Apps for iPhone and iPad like ClaroPDF and Claro ScanPen.

Register for the annual ADSHE conference

We hope to see you there!

Image result for adshe

Event Location: 
Aston University
Aston St
B4 7ET

Claro Software at ASL & Technology Conference 2018

Claro Software will be attending the ASL & Technology Conference. This conference of technology assists students with Additional Support Needs.

We will be attending the event in Altens Hotel in Aberdeen on Wednesday 13th June 2018, as well as the event at CALL Scotland in Edinburgh on Thursday 14th June 2018. 

We are glad to invite you to come to our workshops and visit our stand, see our latest products and meet our team. We will have demonstrations of all our software including the latest ClaroRead for Windows and our great Apps for iPhone and iPad like ClaroPDF and Claro ScanPen.

Register now. 

We look forward to meeting you there!

The Aberdeen Altens Hotel

Event Location: 
9:00am – 3:30pm
The Aberdeen Altens Hotel,
Souter Head Rd,
AB12 3LF

CALL Scotland

Event Location: 
9:00am – 3:30pm
The University of Edinburgh,
Paterson’s Land,
Holyrood Road,

ClaroSpeak iOS 3.0 Released

Version 3 of our ClaroSpeak for iOS app was released towards the end of May 2018 and brought with it lots of great new features and improvements.  For a complete list of these changes, you can check the release notes here: ClaroSpeak 3.0 release notes.

One of the biggest changes gives everyone access to all of the iOS system voices, free of charge.  This means you can now choose male and female variants for different voice languages, as well as accessing higher-quality versions and the Siri voices.

Another change saw the font and colour options now being accessible from the keyboard:

font and colour button

font and colour button

This change not only lets you change these settings more quickly, but it also lets you see the changes as they are applied, so you can be sure to choose the right settings for you:

settings in real time

settings in real time

One of the best new features in V3 is the addition of the “Read with ClaroSpeak” web extension.  This lets you choose a webpage from Safari, or other browsers, and then have that web page read back to you with highlighting.  You can access this new extension from the Share menu in your browser app:

accessing "Read with ClaroSpeak" button

accessing “Read with ClaroSpeak” button

You can then tap on some text to set the start point and tap the play button and the text will be spoken back with highlighting so you can follow the text as it is being spoken:

speech with highlighting

speech with highlighting

Read more