Version 2

Autumn 2019

  • Now supports CereProc voices, which are free to all users.
    • Adult: Stuart (English -Scottish), Heather (English -Scottish) and Jess (English -UK).
    • Child: Andrew (English -Scottish) and Mairi (English -Scottish).
  • Updated support for iOS 13.
    • Includes the updated iOS document scanner for iOS 13.
    • Supports Dark mode.

Version 1.9.19

February 2019.

  • Adds 6 new Acapela Kids voices available as optional add-ons.
    • French Elise
    • French Valentin
    • Norwegian Elias
    • Norwegian Emilie
    • Swedish Filip
    • Swedish Freja
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.9

August 2018.

  • New Highlight words settings
    • Enabling this will highlight the individual words as they are spoken, so you can more closely follow which words are being spoken.
  • Tap to select and speak text.
  • Bug fixes.

System Requirements

  • iOS 11.0 or above.

Version 1.8

January 2018

  • Document detection mode
    • Enabling this will make ScanPen automatically search your camera view for any visible documents.  When it finds one, it will automatically take a photo, crop it and deskew it.
    • This lets you scan only the items you are interested in and automatically corrects any images errors such as skewed or misaligned documents, background noise etc.
    • This can be toggled on/off by tapping the new document detection mode button: 
      Image detection mode button
  • Image filters
    • New greyscale and black & white image filter modes.
    • These new image filter modes can help you improve the accuracy of your image scans by filtering out any unwanted objects and improving text contrast.
  • New system voices
    • There are now lots more iOS system voices to choose from, including the Siri and enhanced quality voices.
    • This includes male and female choices for many of the available languages.
  • Updated UI.
    • Now uses a cleaner UI with rounded buttons and no toolbars.

System Requirements

  • Minimum iOS version 9

Version 1.7

September 2017

  • Drag and drop scanned text
    • You can now drag and drop scanned text to other text-supporting apps, such as Notes. On a scanned image, tap and hold to select lines, words or all, then tap and hold again and drag the text to another app. This feature only works on an iPad in multi-tasking mode and requires iOS 11. Requires the Copy text setting to be enabled, under Advanced settings in the iOS Settings app for Claro ScanPen.
  • Fixed some bugs with the camera orientation being incorrect on navigation back from the scan screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when scanning some images.

October 2017

  • Claro ScanPen Premium released
    • ScanPen Premium is a free to download app which allows you to have 10 free scans. You can optionally sign up for the annual subscription to have an unlimited free trial for 14 days, after that, if you don’t cancel, you will get charged the £9.99 annual subscription. With an active subscription you have unlimited scans and unlimited access to all of our high-quality voices (currently Nuance Expressive, Acapela and children’s voices).

Version 1.6

August 2017

  • Now includes a range of children’s voices in boy and girl accents, that are available as in-app purchases.
  • Text can be automatically copied to the clipboard when selected if you enable the advanced setting in iOS Settings.
  • A share button can also be enabled in advanced settings. This lets you export your image to other apps, email and other destinations.


  • iOS device running iOS 9 or later.
  • Minimum hardware specifications: 2MP camera, which is available on:
    • iPad 3rd generation or newer
    • iPhone 4 or newer
    • iPod Touch 4th generation or newer

Version 1.5

July 2017
Updated the speech rate to now use a slider. This lets you select more intricate values.

Version 1.4

October 2016 – January 2017

  • Now supports multi-tasking
  • Removed Privacy link from Settings
  • Fixed issue with VoiceOver
  • Added more voices to the in-app purchase list

Version 1.3

September 2016

  • Multiple image mode (enabled through Advanced Settings)
    • With multiple image mode, you can now choose many images to scan at the same time. You can quickly switch between these scan results for fast text selection in any of your chosen images.
  • Image edit tools (enabled through Advanced Settings)
    • ScanPen now contains a set of in-house image editing tools to help you enhance the quality and choose the exact image area you want to scan, without having to leave the app. These tools include crop rotate and aspect adjustment.
  • Fixed an issue with the aspect ratio of images sometimes being stretched

Version 1.2

May 2016

  • New icon
  • Cleaner highlighting

Version 1.1

March 2016

  • Open in ScanPen
    • You can now send photos and other images directly to ScanPen from the Photos app and many more places.
  • Highlight colour
    • You can now change the colour of the text highlight. You can choose your colour in the settings menu.
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1

22nd September 2015


  • Take a photograph, automatic rapid and accurate OCR, then read back the text in the photograph.
  • All on the phone – no need for Internet connection.
  • Support for English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Select by paragraph (block), line or word.
  • Select highlight colour.
  • Works with native iOS voices


  • iOS device running iOS 7 or later
  • Minimum hardware specifications: 2MP camera, which is available on:
    • iPad 3rd generation or newer
    • iPhone 4 or newer
    • iPod Touch 4th generation or newer