This page contains all the release notes for ClaroCapture Windows.

Version 6, In Development

  • New Sources page, providing better management over sources.
  • File caching, storing local copies of sources for faster loading and portability.

Version 5.1.2, In Development

  • Capture highlighted text straight from ClaroPDF and categorise into the different colours.
  • Source links are now uniform and hyperlinked.
  • Horizontal scrolling added for large captured images that have small amounts of text.
  • Fixed bug that allowed captures with no text to be created.
  • Fixed bug that only allowed exporting audio notes when also exporting headings.

Version 5.0.6, In Development

  • New ribbon interface. Provides modern appearance similar to Microsoft Office.
  • Fixed bug with ClaroCapture crashing when attempting to perform a Screen Capture.
  • Screen Capture now works in multi-screen environments.
  • Supports multiple languages. ClaroCapture monitors ClaroRead’s installed language before choosing its own language.

Version 4.0.5, December 2017

  • Capture text out of images, pictures and other graphics on the screen (e.g. Google Books) with OCR. Requires ClaroRead to be installed.
  • Capture straight from clipboard.
  • Save to RTF (rich text format) to allow ClaroCapture projects to be used in other programs (e.g. OpenOffice)

Version 3, April 2013

  • Supports dragging and dropping items into the capture list.
  • Capturing from Firefox and Chrome now also captures the address of the current web page, just like it does in Internet Explorer.

Version 3.0.31, April 2015

  • Bugfixes.

Version 3.0.33, October 2015

  • Fixed helpfiles opening on non-English versions.

Version 3.0.44, August 2016

  • Fixed bugs when project filename has a space in it.

Version 2, August 2011

    • Image capturing
      • Works when capturing from Word or WordPad, from Internet Explorer you have to manually drag in the picture.
    • Screengrabs – captures an area of the screen as a picture. Capture > Capture screen section.
    • Undo/redo on edit menu – can undo/redo adding, deleting, moving, in/outdenting and typing in items.
    • Export in a format to create a bibliography in Word 2007. Switch on Settings > Exporting > Create bibliography in Word.
    • Export to Word and create a Table of Contents. Switch on Settings > Exporting > Create table of contents in Word.
    • Choose to export items headings or not. Settings > Exporting > Export item headings
    • Add blank new item. Allows users to drag in or paste their own text/files/pictures. File > New Item.
    • Audio Notes – allow you you add an audio note to each item. Item’s More button > Audio note > Record/Play/Stop/Save/Delete.
  • Subitems – indent or outdent items, one level. Item’s More button > Indent/Outdent.
  • If capturing from a saved Word document, ClaroCapture now records the file’s path as the Source (in version 1 it only remembered website addresses from Internet Explorer).
  • System Tray icon allows you to use ClaroCapture from the system tray.
  • Can export project to the new mindmapping program from Claro, ClaroIdeas. Sent project to.. > ClaroIdeas (if installed)
  • If you’ve captured highlighted text from Word and you export the project to Word or Powerpoint the colours are exported too.
  • You can set which action the Capture button performs by default. Settings > Capture button default action
  • New item keyboard shortcuts:
    • Ctrl + Tab = Indent
    • Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Outdent
    • Ctrl + Delete = Delete item
    • Ctrl + Shift + Home = Move to top
    • Ctrl + Shift + PgUp = Move up
    • Ctrl + Shift + PgDown = Move down
    • Ctrl + Shift + End = Move to bottom
    • Ctrl + R = Record audio note
    • Ctrl + P = Play audio note
    • Ctrl + Esc = Stop playing audio note
    • Ctrl + Return = View source