First version 7.0.16, with Scan2Text version 5.1.17, shipped 17 August 2015.

New/Changed Features

  • New feature, “Change Text Width”, in Spacing menu.
    • Enhances readability in Word. People find a short column width easier to read (e.g. newspapers) so Change Text Width makes the Word document into one or two narrow columns.
  • New option, “Highlight none” in Highlighting.
    • Allows proofing without distraction. Set it reading, listen without losing focus, and just hit Stop when you hear an error. The caret moves with reading so is placed correctly in the sentence for you to fix it.
    • With Change Text Width and Highlight None you can turn Word into a scrolling text reader.
  • New bundled program, Claro Voice Setup, lets you download and install any of 80 high-quality voices.
    • Quickly and easily get French, German, Spanish and other voices, and different accents and genders of English.
  • New bundled program, Claro AudioNote, records lectures and notes into your Windows PC
    • Our easy-to-use notetaker and personal scribe program now comes with ClaroRead. Record straight into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint presentations, saving the audio straight into the file. Add bookmarks, open recordings from common hardware recorders, and send the recordings to Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  • New feature, ClaroRead Cloud, allows backups and voice and program downloads.
    • Open ClaroRead Cloud from the Extras button (not Swedish version).
    • Register online and download any Claro Software you want for installation on your Windows or Mac PC.
    • Also get all our voices, including new Kate and Oliver British English voices.
    • Get ClaroRead for Windows if you had ClaroRead for Mac, or ClaroRead for Mac if you had ClaroRead for Windows.
    • Install your copy of ClaroRead onto multiple machines for your personal use.
  • You can now disable spellcheck with a registry key or end-user program, great for exams.
  • Improvement: scanning can now start with a Word document (requires Office to be installed)
  • Improvement: Save to PDF can save as password-protected PDFs.
  • Improvement: Combine PDFs and multiple scanned pages together, and come back to a document to add more pages later.
  • Improvement: Can save from Preview or Proofing, half-way through scanning, and pick it up later.
  • Improvement: Next word prediction ignores minimum character length, so you get more natural sentences generated with next word prediction because you have sensible next-word suggestions, like “the” or “to”.
  • Improvement: Scan from screen speaks what’s captured if speak on select is turned on.
    • Copies to the clipboard too. Saves another click for users, simpler to use, and scan from screen is now so fast it works brilliantly.
  • Improvement: Updated phonetic and dyslexic spelling list, homophones and pictures in spellcheck.
    • Now 50,000 custom spelling corrections, disambiguating pictures for every homophone, and new homophones/confusables.
  • Improvement: new Swedish prediction dictionaries.
  • Improvement: can upgrade demo versions to full versions simply by entering a licence key.
    • Also then opens Claro Cloud to allow download of full voices etc.


Technical changes

  • ClaroRead 6 licence keys will work with ClaroRead 7, but will have to be re-entered by the user during installation or first run.
  • “Save as PDF” in Preview window will save as highest quality PDF by default.
  • Speak on mouse select works in BookReader.
  • Scanner wizard will correctly restart if you stop scanner setup half-way through.
  • Users upgrading from V6.2 keep support for non-English OCR.
  • E-acute character now recognised as an E character in prediction.
  • Toolbar no longer attaches to ScreenRuler bar.
  • Pressing Stop in Word will always stop highlighting correctly.
  • Improved prediction in ClaroRead on high load conditions.
  • Homophones with smart apostrophes now recognised (e.g. it’s)
  • Using the online translation lookup when you have no network connection is handled smoothly.
  • Speak on select from complicated PDF file operates cleanly.
  • Scan from screen is faster and more reliable.
  • If upgrading, will automatically select non-demo version of original demo voice.
  • Authenticated version stores licence key for future use.
  • You can now point at and hear echoed individual items in the dictionary definition.
  • Saving and loading S2T Omnipage files works correctly.
  • Send to iTunes correctly appears on 64-bit machines with 64-bit iTunes installed.
  • New Swedish defaults for some settings: speak under mouse, background highlighting.
  • Works with latest Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Once only, any version 6 and earlier spelling dictionaries will be renamed to .bak. This allows the updated version 7 files to be used, but retain spelling dictionaries in case the user has made some customisations. These .bak files can be deleted from the roaming profile if desired.
  • The unkeyed network version no longer installs the ClaroUp updater or the TeamViewer support tool.
  • Save to Video is now an optional install, available from the ClaroRead Cloud website.
  • The dictionary tooltip now defaults to off, and no longer appears if you double- or triple-click on a word. Instead, simply turn it on (the Check tab) and select a word of interest, or use scan from screen.
  • ClaroRead will no longer read PDF files with highlighting open in Internet Explorer. Set Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader to open files outside the browser instead. This provides more stability and functionality and is in line with Microsoft Edge and Windows 10.
  • Users in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland have alternative means to access ClaroRead Cloud apps and services, so do not see ClaroRead Cloud in their Extras drop-down.
  • Partners may specify a third-party website in Extras.
  • System admins can write HKLM registry keys (HKLM\Software\Claro Software\Language1 and Language2) with per-machine language settings.
  • ClaroRead Plus and Pro no longer have a pre-requisite for the installation of the Visual Studio C++ runtimes.

System requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
  • .Net 4 Client Framework.
  • The bundled ScreenRuler, ClaroCapture, Claro AudioNote and ClaroIdeas all require the .Net 4 Client Framework.

Version 7.0.17, 7 September 2015

This version is identical to 7.0.16 but has a simplified network installer MSI structure suitable for network admins. There is no need to update to 7.0.17 if you have 7.0.16 installed.

Version 7.0.21, 13 October 2015

This version is identical to 7.0.16 but contains updated translations and files for non-English versions. There is no need to update to 7.0.21 if you have 7.0.16 or 7.0.17 installed.