ClaroRead for Mac has the same core features as ClaroRead for Windows – speech, scanning/OCR, spellcheck, screen tinting, word prediction – but a slightly smaller feature set. These are generally less-used features, for the obvious reason that if they were popular we would have built them into ClaroRead for Mac already! Read more for a comprehensive list of features.

Here is a fairly comprehensive list:

  • ClaroRead for Mac has ScreenRuler, ClaroView, and ClaroCapture. We are building a ClaroIdeas this summer, so that will be added. But there is no Claro AudioNote.
  • ClaroRead for Mac is always a floating toolbar – no docking or following the window. That’s simpler in many ways.
  • ClaroRead for Mac can save text to audio, but not to video, and it can’t send text direct to iTunes.
  • You can’t cursor around a Word document and hear words and lines spoken out, nor does it echo Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Mac when Dragon has inserted some text, nor is there a Play On feature.
  • You use the included ClaroSpeak for Mac to read PDF files with highlighting rather than using Adobe Reader.
  • Word prediction has fewer options – still the same dictionaries and words, but (for example) you can’t arrow down to see the next set of words.
  • These are quite specific features that an advanced user might notice, but they aren’t generally items that we think affect the vast majority of users.
  • You can only save text to an audio file – no Save to Video or Send to iTunes options.
  • You cannot have a word by holding Control and pointing at it – select the word instead.
  • The Check Window doesn’t have “change all”, “ignore” or “ignore all” buttons, nor syllabification.
  • No pop-up dictionary tooltip.
  • No echoing Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  • ClaroCapture for Mac captures text from Word and selections – not images or screenshots.
  • No Play On in Microsoft Word.
  • No alert sound when a homophone is typed.