ClaroSpeak Chromebook App Release Notes

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ClaroSpeak Chromebook Version 12 released January 2018

Version 12

Version 12.1.11 released 11 January 2018

  • Speech recognition is now a free feature.

Version 12

Version 12.1.9 released 19 December 2017

  • New Premium features. These can be unlocked with a site licence purchase from Claro Software. Premium features include:
    • Speech recognition to enable dictation into the App.
    • Convert image and PDF files to accessible PDF to allow you to read inaccessible files and ebooks.
    • Open Dedicon DRM PDF files, allowing you read workbooks and other ebooks from the Dedicon service in the Netherlands.
  • Updates to translations for Norwegian, Danish and French, and word prediction in Dutch.

Version 9

Version 9.0.10 released 7 June 2016

  • Opens and displays PDF files for reading with highlighting. Includes a thumbnail view for fast navigation, printing, and full text search. Requires accessible PDF files for reading with highlighting.
  • Open and display Microsoft Word DOCX files and rich text RTF files for reading with highlighting and editing.
  • Supports speech recognition for dictation without spelling errors in English, Spanish, Swedish, French, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Dutch, Polish, and Portuguese.
  • Change voice speed for your text-to-speech voice so you can listen at the speed that suits you.
  • Echo sentences as you type them so you can check they sound right.
  • Dictionary lookup now adds German, French and Spanish support.
  • Highlights text, not background, so easier to follow text as is it read aloud.

Version 3

Version 3.2.12 released 17 June 2015

  • Real-sounding synthesized speech in twelve languages to help you proofread and read books and documents.
  • Highlight while reading helps you follow the text as it is read out and improve understanding.
  • Access to Google Drive, Dropbox, other cloud services and local files so you can access your files and documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Word prediction in English and Swedish to support writing by prompting and suggesting, avoiding delays while you search for a word. Hear words spoken so you can select the correct one.
  • Echo back letters and words to reassure you that each word typed is correct. Choose letter sounds, not just names, to aid you with spelling and phonetics.
  • Select the font colour, background colour, typeface and font size that best suits your reading style. For low vision, choose large fonts, high contrast. For dyslexia, choose a coloured background and a font like Comic Sans. Read back text with comfort and ease just as you like it.
  • Use the advanced Google spellcheck to support your composition.