Support Articles

  • Low Contrast in ScreenRuler- ScreenRuler helps you with reading by colouring (tinting) your whole screen, or by providing a reading toolbar. Using colour overlay for the whole screen tints everything, making text easier to read. This is useful when reading text on web-pages. Screen tinting can cause black pixels to appear slightly yellow in […]
  • MacOS and 32-bit Apps- From 14th April 2018, Apple will begin issuing an alert box when you open a 32-bit app in MacOS 10.13.4.
  • ClaroRead for Mac can’t be opened after download- When you try to install ClaroRead for Mac (or any other Claro Mac apps) on your Mac, you may see the error message “ClaroRead for Mac” can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed when you try to run it.
  • ClaroView for Mac Help Files and User Guides- ClaroView for Mac English: Help File
  • ClaroView for Mac Release Notes- V1.2.5, January 2018 Application now accepts ScreenRuler license keys to unlock the demo version, as well as its own ClaroView keys.