• Converting an MSI-plus-CAB into a single MSI file - Creating a single MSI file for network installation.
  • Installing lots of MSI files at once (batch files) - If you’re a system administrator (or partner) you might find yourself needing to install multiple MSI files onto a target computer. There are several technical ways to do this, but for simplicity here are some super-simple batch files that will install all of the MSI files in the folder where … Continue reading
  • Licence Keys Explained - The different types of licence keys and how to use them.
  • Installing Claro Chrome Apps and Extensions - How to install ClaroRead Chrome on your Chromebooks and Google Domain, for end users and site licences, and how to upgrade to Premium.
  • Claro Voice Setup User Guide - Claro Voice Setup is a small Windows program that lets you download and install any of 80 high-quality text-to-speech voices in 30 languages.
  • Installing Claro software on your network - Customers owning a site licence or multi-user licence version of a Claro product are able to distribute that product over multiple computers. This could be done by visiting each computer with the installers on a USB pen drive, and manually installing the product, but this would be very time-consuming. If … Continue reading
  • Installation Issues - If you try to install from a download and get the message “… is not a valid Win32 application” then the download is incomplete. Download and retry – a full download installation can be over 250MB for ClaroRead Plus. If this does not work then try running Disk Cleanup (Start … Continue reading