ScreenRuler V3 Release Notes

Latest version is 3.2.15, February 2017.

  • 64-bit Windows 7 support.
    • ScreenRuler now works more smoothly on 64-bit Windows 7 computers.
  • Full Windows XP support.
    • Previously you could only run the “Classic” version of ScreenRuler on Windows XP which didn’t allow you to change any colours and had no underline mode. ScreenRuler V3 works fully on Windows XP.

ScreenRuler 3.0.3, April 2013

  • Multi-monitor support: the overlay mode runs on all monitors at the same time.

ScreenRuler 3.0.5, May 2013

  • Minor bugfixes.

ScreenRuler 3.2.5, August 2015

  • Updated to .Net 4.
  • Bugfixes (flickering screen).

ScreenRuler 3.2.15, February 2015

  • Supports licence keys.creen).