Support Articles

  • Claro Voice Setup User Guide - Claro Voice Setup is a small Windows program that lets you download and install any of 80 high-quality text-to-speech voices in 30 languages.
  • Add-on Windows Vocalizer Voices for ClaroRead - Below is a list of add-on voices you can buy to use with ClaroRead PC or Mac. You can obtain these free by selecting “Get more Claro Voices” from the Voice selection in Settings.
  • 64-bit Windows Issues - ClaroRead on 64-bit Windows The following will not work on ClaroRead 5.0 – 5.6 on 64-bit Windows machines: Speak-with-control-and-hover in 64-bit applications. So if you are running 32-bit Internet Explorer and 32-bit Office then this works just fine. If you are running the 64-bit versions then you will hear nothing. … Continue reading
  • Fixing broken or conflicting RealSpeak Solo voices - Nuance (previously ScanSoft) SAPI5 RealSpeak Solo voices must all be installed into the same directory on your machine. If this is not followed then the voices will appear in the Speech applet in Control Panel, or in your SAPI5 voice list in your speech-enabled program, but they will not work. … Continue reading
  • Acapela Voices - Claro provides many text-to-speech synthesised voices from Acapela, including many Swedish and Scandinavian voices (Matti, Elin, Erik, Ingmar etc.) They should be set up correctly by our latest installers, but if you are experiencing problems then you can try the suggestions below. Note that the Acapela voices, although SAPI5-compliant, do … Continue reading