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Latest News

New Claro Releases for Windows Vista and USB Stick Versions

Claro Software Ltd have made enhancements to ClaroRead for its 2007 release, as well as ensuring compatibility on Windows Vista and Office 2007. ClaroRead is our professional solution for supporting people struggling with reading and writing. We also launched ClaroRead for Apple Mac in January, and our recently launched Lightning PC Magnifier and Thunder Screenreader run on Vista and from a USB Memory Stick.

ClaroRead 2007 - XP & Vista

Work has continued to further build on the initial success of ClaroRead, our solution for supporting people struggling with reading and writing. We have made refinements based on user and expert feedback and worked with Microsoft to ensure success with Windows Vista and Office 2007. Most importantly, we have tried to ensure the product is still easy and clear to use, and have added video help topics to help users.

So what's new in ClaroRead PLUS 2007? We have integrated the new OmniPage 15 OCR engine, expanded word prediction, included an extra reference dictionary layer in Word Check, addition of "tricky words" and more. Download the PDF ClaroRead 200 Datasheet from here.

We are keeping the same attractive pricing, and we plan to be shipping during February. Free upgrades will be available to recent purchasers of ClaroRead on request.

ClaroRead Goes Mobile

USB Memory Stick

At ATIA 2007 we are showing ClaroRead 2007 PLUS and the new option of ClaroRead Premium. ClaroRead Premium is the PLUS Edition with the new ClaroRead USB Version and our Mindfull concepts mapper. ClaroRead USB version gives complete portability for the user. ClaroRead with a RealSpeak voice can be run on any PC - simply by inserting the ClaroRead USB Memory stick. No files installed!

Claro Tunes In To Apple Mac

ClaroRead for Mac image

People kept asking, so we made ClaroRead and ClaroView for Apple Mac. We reveal these fresh new products in the US at ATIA 2007, definitely not to be missed!

ClaroRead for Mac uses many of the themes of our PC version, but adapted to suit the Mac. Integrated with Word for Mac 2004, you can click and speak any text. You can also easily change font spacing, size, colours and check words. Safari web pages can be spoken - in fact any accessible text can be spoken by simply moving the mouse pointer over it.

Our ClaroView is a unique colour overlay solution which works elegantly on the Mac, allowing for any colour overlay in the spectrum to be selected. ClaroRead PLUS for Mac includes ClaroView, and also includes the powerful OmniPage Pro X OCR solution for Mac. Scan text directly into Word, and convert PDF files into Word - the most powerful scan and OCR software for Mac, now included with ClaroRead PLUS for Mac.

  • Lightning PC Magnifier

  • Lightning logo

    The first release of the fully featured Lightning PC screen magnifier was at UK Sight Village in July 06. Since then, significant interest has driven feature improvements and the release of the USB memory stick version. Lightning is already running on Windows Vista, is a highly stable product, and the USB memory stick version can be run from any PC - no files installed! Lightning is priced from $199

    Claro Software is delighted to announce a bundle of ClaroRead and Dragon NaturallySpeaking V9. We are able to offer an education bundle of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional V9 and ClaroRead PLUS, including a USB headset microphone saving over $250. This offer is available through all our partners.



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