ClaroRead for PC 2008 (Version 4) Is Now Shipping – ClaroRead’s great strength has been its ease of use, comprehensive text to speech performance, high quality voices and many modes to help reading, proofreading and writing. With our ClaroRead for PC 2008 release, we have further richened the speech and related features.

NEW! – Speak This Word: Allows you to hear a single word spoken back with the chosen voice in Word, PDF, Outlook, Internet Explorer and more. Hold the CTRL key and ClaroRead 2008 will speak the word under the mouse.

NEW! – Save to Video: Building on the popularity of our Save to Audio feature in all versions of ClaroRead, we have now enhanced this to produce Save to Video. It is now possible to convert any text into a video with a high quality “voice over” synchronised with the text. You can change the text colour settings to your preferences and the video can be produced to suit a wide range of popular mobile devices with video screens – iPhone, iPod Touch and Nano, Nokia and Walkman phones and of course Media Player software. It is quick and easy to do, allowing you to take your documents and webpages with you on the move.

NEW!  – Accessible PDF: ClaroRead has always allowed PDF files to be spoken aloud, and also converted into Microsoft Word format with the PLUS edition. We have now produced a standalone Accessible PDF reader, which is available as a free download for anyone (from ). The Claro Accessible PDF Reader will convert accessible PDF Files into a web page style retaining the original format and layout. There is also a simple text only view. You can then change any of the colour, font and spacing using the built in controls, and ClaroRead 2008 will speak back the text aloud.

NEW! – Sentence Review Mode: Allows the user to review their work sentence-by-sentence simply by clicking the Play button on the ClaroRead 2008 toolbar. Excellent for reviewing Word documents at your own pace.ClaroRead Toolbar Showing Extras

NEW!  – ClaroRead Extras: ClaroRead 2008 users can visit to obtain product updates, free downloads, add on products and support information. ClaroRead Extras neatly groups together a range of accessibility utilities such as our ClaroView screen colour filter, ScreenRuler magnification tool, Speaking Calculator, Accessible PDF and MindFull concept mapping. It also launches other software if installed on the PC, such as Dragon and Inspiration.

NEW! – More Voice Choice: ClaroRead PLUS 2008 includes 5 English voices with the excellent new British English voice Serena. The add-on language range choice has been further extended to over 25 languages.

Additional Word Correction Tools: Since our 2007 edition, the ClaroRead Advanced Settings editor gives the freedom to identify and correct tricky words, misspellings and homophones. ClaroRead 2008 now includes a built-in additional spellcheck extension to capture and suggest corrections for more misspellings that aren’t caught through normal spellcheck engines. You can download an updated ClaroRead Comparison Chart showing the main features differences in ClaroRead Standard, PLUS and Premium. You can also view the online help and tutorial videos from here.Pricing for ClaroRead PLUS remains the same at £159. ClaroRead Premium is £259 (includes the ClaroRead USB). ClaroRead Standard is £129 and now includes our ClaroView and ScreenRuler utilities. Free updates are available by download for existing ClaroRead 2007 users are available, simply contact us directly and we will send you the link and logon details. All prices exclude VAT. Many thanks to all who helped us with pre-release testing and feedback. We do value your feedback and input.