Claro Software is delighted to announce that Anders Abrahamsson, from our Swedish partners Svensk TalTeknologi, has been awarded the Karlshamn Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009.

The award, presented to Anders by the Chairman Sigvard Andersoon and Alderman Sven-Ake Svensson, was awarded in recognition of his innovative software company that has assisted users with reading and writing support.

When Anders Abrahamsoon moved to Karlshamn in 2000, he had already started up his business, Svensk Talteknologi (Swedish Speech Technology). Originally targeting the speech recognition and speech synthesis market, the company has increasingly focused on Text-to-Speech solutions, such as ClaroRead.

An important part of the business success has been getting their software into schools and colleges. Around 70,000 school computers in Sweden now have the software installed to assist students with reading and writing.

The next aim for Anders and Svensk Talteknologi is to launch their product range in the Nordic region. Claro Software would like to wish Anders and his company every success in the future.