Claro Software are at ATIA 2012 this week. The conference, taking place on the 26th-28th Jan 2012 in Orlando Florida, is one of the largest Assistive Technology events in the USA.

ATIA 2012 Orlando

Visitors to the show will be the first in the USA to see the latest innovations to the ClaroRead range.

ClaroRead for PC V6

New for 2012, ClaroRead for PC V6 delivers our best reading and writing support tool to date.

New In ClaroRead for PC

  • New Prediction dictionaries – ClaroRead now includes subject specific dictionaries that can be used when writing in specific subjects, such as Business Studies or Biology. A larger English prediction dictionary of 100,000 words has also been included. Each dictionary can be combined or used in isolation giving the user full control.
  • Word Prediction Modes – ClaroRead introduces new ways in which the word prediction feature can function.
  • Translation Features – ClaroRead can now quickly translate a word or phrase into one of many languages including French, German, Swedish and Italian. By holding the Ctrl key and hovering over the word.Also included is a new lookup-on select feature. By selecting text, ClaroRead can translate and read the text back to the user. This feature is ideal for learning English or for users who do not have English as a first language.
  • ClaroIdeas – Our powerful visual mapping tool, ClaroIdeas is now included as part of ClaroRead Pro, Plus and Standard. ClaroIdeas will help users and groups to capture their ideas, pictures, research notes, web page links, audio and video files with more freedom, flexibility and creativity. To find out more about ClaroIdeas go to the ClaroIdeas Web Page

ClaroRead for Mac V5

ClaroRead for Mac V5 has been designed to support individuals who struggle with reading and writing.

New in ClaroRead for Mac V5

  • Nuance Vocalizer Voices – ClaroRead for Mac now includes 8 high quality Nuance Vocalizer Voices. To find out more go to our Voices Page
  • Apple Pages – ClaroRead for Mac supports speech in Pages. Features supported include the homophone checker and highlighting features.
  • Check Anywhere Feature – The Check Anywhere feature allows users to spell check any text in any application, whether it is a web page, document or PDF.

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