ClaroPDF Android Released

We are happy to announce the first release of ClaroPDF Android, an easy-to-use speaking PDF reading app for Android phones and tablets. It’s a simpler version of our hugely-successful ClaroPDF for iPhone and iPad and tries to provide the same convenience and usability for anyone who needs to be able to read back accessible PDF files, for study or reference.

  • Tap to open PDF files using the Android file picker, which gives you access to PDF files saved on your phone and also integrates smoothly with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and other cloud file stores.
  • Then just tap in the PDF to show where to start and the PDF will be read back from the point of your finger. You can stop and make it repeat itself as many times as you want, read whole documents at your leisure, and relax while ebooks and references are read aloud to you with high-quality speech.
  • Choose from dozens of voices from Google and other vendors covering many accents and languages, and set the voice speed for faster reading (so you get through things faster) or slower (to give you time to digest and understand).

Want to read PDF files on your iPhone or iPad? ClaroPDF for iOS contains all the reading functionality of ClaroPDF for Android and more, and on iPhone and iPad you can also get ClaroPDF Pro, which lets you convert images and inaccessible PDFs into readable PDFs. On a Windows or Mac? Try our reading toolbar, ClaroRead.

Get ClaroPDF Android on Google Play now! Or, for more details, check out the release notes.

Claro ScanPen Premium iOS Released

Introducing Claro ScanPen Premium – a free-to-download iOS app which allows you to have 10 free scans. You can optionally sign up for the annual subscription to get a free 14 day trial. If you don’t cancel during the free trial, you will get charged the £9.99 annual subscription (correct as of October 2017). With an active subscription you have unlimited scans and unlimited access to all of our high-quality voices (currently Nuance Expressive, Acapela and children’s voices).

Claro ScanPen Premium joins our Claro ScanPen family alongside the standard Claro ScanPen version which is still available to purchase outright for £6.99 (correct as of October 2017).

Below is a comparison chart highlighting the differences between the two versions (click to enlarge or visit the original chart):

When you first launch Claro ScanPen Premium, you will see the following launch screen, just select whether you’d like to have the 10 free scans or sign up for the 14 day free trial (with the option to cancel at any time).


ClaroRead for Mac V6 Release Notes

What’s New in V6.0?

  • A New Integrated Optical Character Recognition engine – ClaroRead Plus for Mac now includes its own integrated optical character recognition engine which gives you the rapid Scan from Screen function to capture any inaccessible text, as well as quickly converting scanned files to accessible PDF, Word and text files.
  • New Scan from Paper feature – you can now quickly launch the MacOS Image Capture app and immediately get to scanning in physical documents and creating accessible, digital copies of them using “Scan to ClaroRead”*.
  • New Scan from PDF/File feature – using the new Scan from PDF/File feature you can convert PDF or image files to fully accessible formats, so that ClaroRead can then read aloud. You can also scan inaccessible files and create editable output formats, such as DOCX. Supported output formats are PDF, DOCX, TXT and RTF *.
  • New Scan from screen feature – with the new Scan from screen feature you can select an area of the screen to be read with your mouse and ClaroRead will quickly and accurately scan your chosen area and read it aloud. You can now instantly read anything on your screen as well as copy it to the clipboard.
  • Launch ClaroRead with PDF and image files. ClaroRead now supports opening of PDF and image files directly, so you can choose a PDF/image file, right-click and select Open With, choose ClaroRead and it will launch ClaroRead and start the file scanning process.
  • New extra app – ClaroSpeak. ClaroSpeak is a supportive reading and speaking app that read PDF files, Microsoft Word document, text files and more, aloud, with synchronised highlighting. When you open a document in ClaroSpeak, the text of the document gets copied in to the ClaroSpeak window and then you can also edit any text. ClaroSpeaks built-in text prediction and echo features can help you maintain accurate typing.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause text in Microsoft Word documents to be removed when speaking them and quickly moving/switching between different documents.
  • Fixed an issue where some prediction items were being spoken twice.

* indicates features only available in ClaroRead Plus

System Requirements

ClaroRead SE/Standard/Plus for Mac:

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • 850MB of disk space
  • 200MB-650MB for each voice


  • Microsoft Word 2008, 2011, 2016
  • Pages ‘09 (V4)

ClaroRead Pro for Mac:

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • 1.3GB of disk space
  • 200MB-650MB for each voice


  • Microsoft Word 2008, 2011, 2016
  • Pages ‘09 (V4)

ClaroRead Chrome Extension 8 Released

A new version of the ClaroRead Chrome extension is now available from the Chrome Web Store. Of course, if you already have it installed in Google Chrome or your Chromebook, it will automatically update.

  • If you have the (paid-for) version of ClaroRead Chrome then you also gain the ability to scan from the screen. This speaks any text in your browser, including text in images and inaccessible displays. For example, you can speak text from pages in Google Books, even though you cannot save or select the text.
  • You can now change the colour of text highlighting when you use the “Click and play” option. Just click on the “Text Highlight Colour” option in settings and choose the colour that you find most comfortable and vivid to follow as you listen to ClaroRead Chrome reading a document aloud.
  • We’ve introduced word prediction in a floating window. Just check “Use Word Prediction” in settings and type and you will see up to five suggestions appear. Click on a suggestion to have it complete the word you have started. Hover over a suggestion to hear it read aloud (if you have “Speak under mouse” checked.) This can help you get the right word, and make sure it is correctly spelled, when you are writing.
  • You gain the ability to speak comments aloud in Google Docs documents – just select with the mouse or hover (if these options are turned on in settings!

Install ClaroRead Chrome for free now on your Windows PC, Apple Mac or Chromebook and check it out!

AudioNote Playback and Recording Software


AudioNote from Claro Software makes it easy to listen back to any recording. Use a dedicated recording device such as an Olympus DM670, and listen back later on your PC with AudioNote.

AudioNote is a simple, clear application that is easy-to-use and won’t get in the way of following a lecture or listening back to your notes.

‘As an integral part of a student’s studies, Olympus recognise the importance of recording lectures effectively. With the Olympus DM-670 recorder and ME-34 lecture microphone you are able to record lectures in the highest quality, and then use the Index mark feature to bookmark important points of reference of the recording. Within this, we are pleased to support Claro with the release of the new Claro AudioNote software which supports recordings made on the Olympus DM range of recorders.’ Lee Buckley, National Account Manager at Olympus

•    Support for index marks/bookmarks made on Olympus recorders. You can jump from index mark to index mark, which is great when working with long lecture recordings. There is no limit on number of index marks used so long recordings can be split into bite-size chunks. AudioNote can be opened straight from an Olympus recorder when it is connected by USB.
•    Playback support for all common audio recording formats – MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, AAC. Listen to recordings made straight into a laptop or dedicated device. You can also listen to recordings and audio files downloaded from the Internet.
•    Simple toolbar that floats on-top of the open window making it easy to pause, repeat, and control recording with a single click. On-top means AudioNote can be accessed easily to pause or rewind when you need to, without breaking your concentration trying to hunt down the toolbar. The big bookmark and toolbar buttons let you use AudioNote quickly and easily.
•    Record directly into PowerPoint presentations. As each slide is presented, record straight into that slide for later listening back – with only one click for each slide. Recordings stay in the PowerPoint document so you can listen to them later without AudioNote or email them to another machine or student.
•    Record directly into Word documents. Record notes and comments straight into the current Word document. The recordings stay in the Word document when you save them so you can get at them easily or email them to another machine or student. Double-click the audio recording in Word any time to play it back.
•    Audio-only Recording. Record straight into an audio file on your computer so you can record a lecture with a laptop, even if the notes aren’t available in PowerPoint. Easily add bookmarks/index marks while recording so you can quickly find and jump to the right point quickly and easily.
•    AudioNote was created in partnership with Olympus. 


New Claro MagX App

New ClaroMag X App for iOS available now

ClaroMag X from  Claro Software

Claro MagX turns your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod Touch or iPad into a powerful high definition visual magnifier.

MagX makes small items look bigger. Make small text in books and newspapers readable, study and photograph small objects and labels, see menus in a dimly lit restaurant.

The wide range of magnification, high contrast and colour viewing options makes the text easier on your eyes.

Claro MagX is developed by experts in low vision technology, and we look to use the power of the iPhone and iPad to provide a high performance cost effective alternative to dedicated hand held video magnifiers.

MagX leverages the power and quality of the iPhone 5 and iPad iSight cameras, high resolution retina displays, large memory, processing power, built in accessibility features and long battery life.

Feature Summary

  • MagX has 16 levels of magnification with a maximum of 16x times zoom
  • MagX uses the high quality front facing iSight camera (iPhone 5 iSight Camera is 8 megapixel resolution, iPad iSight Camera is 5 megapixel resolution)
  • MagX takes advantage of the high resolution Retina displays on the iPhone 5 (1136×640 pixel display resolution, 4 inch widescreen) and iPad (2048×1536 pixel display resolution, 9.7 inch backlit)
  • Torchlight option using the inbuilt flash (iPhone and iPod Touch only)
  • MagX allows a photograph to be taken, capturing a magnified document for later viewing. Photographs are stored in the large iPhone or iPad Photo Gallery, from where they can be zoomed further or edited.
  • Advanced visual features include full colour mode, two colour mode and grey scale mode. There is also an invert function to change display contrast.
  • The grey scale and two colour mode allows a colour overlay to be chosen from yellow, purple, cyan, red, green or blue.

MagX is easy to use, with a small number of touch controls that are fully Apple iOS VoiceOver speech compliant.

Transmit the magnified image from MagX to a large TV with ease. We recommend Apple TV for easy wireless display of your iPad or iPhone display to any TV with HDMI input.

See more images and videos at

More Information

To find out more go to the Claro MagX Web Page

For more information about the rest of Claro Software’s range of apps, go to, email or call +44 (0)1772 977888.

New ClaroPDF App for iOS available now

ClaroPDF from  Claro Software

ClaroPDF is an accessible, professional and user-friendly PDF Viewer, Reader and Annotator for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
View text PDF files and listen to them with a human-quality voice and synchronised highlighting. Annotate and mark up text or image PDF files.

ClaroPDF is designed as an accessible productivity, reading and study PDF tool for all.

Speech, Productivity And Accessibility

To support accessibility and productivity, ClaroPDF features built in human quality text-to-speech English voices with a range of synchronised coloured highlighting options. A Speak in Background option lets you listen to a PDF while viewing another app – great for proofreading accessible text PDF files, listening to content whilst working in other apps, or even listening via Bluetooth speakers. The speaking rate can be up to 360 words per minute, and the Speak on Tap option makes speech easy to use. Over 40 additional voices are available in 27 different languages (full list on website) through low cost In App purchase, so you can easily customise ClaroPDF speech to suit your preference and languages. The voices are all built into the app so an Internet connection is NOT needed to speak text.

ClaroPDF allows the background colour of the PDF to be changed, to enhance readability. ClaroPDF also fully supports iOS VoiceOver. PDF image files cannot be spoken by ClaroPDF voices, but can be fully viewed and annotated with ClaroPDF.

Annotations, Notes And Comments

ClaroPDF includes a powerful Annotation toolbar that lets you add notes and other comments. These are fully interchangeable with Adobe Reader and most other popular PDF programs, so your ClaroPDF comments will still be there if you open the PDF on another computer. Annotations created in another program can also be viewed and edited.

Annotation features include:

  • Highlight
  • Underscore
  • Strikeout
  • Notes
  • Free Text (type straight into the PDF)
  • Free line draw (with many colours, opacity and thickness control)
  • Shapes (Circle, Square, Line – with many colours, opacity and thickness control)
  • Images (insert Photos from your iPad Camera or Photo Library into the PDF file)

Smart Zoom

On double-tap, ClaroPDF will identify the tapped text block and perform an intelligent zoom on it, just as you’re used to in Safari. This reduces how much you have to adjust the zoom manually. The autoscroll option moves the text up the page automatically.
Full-Text Search And Navigation

Search will search across your whole document, highlight all found results, and let you jump straight to each one in turn. ClaroPDF shows each page of a multi-page PDF document as a Thumbnail, allowing for fast scrolling of long documents. The Thumbnails auto hide when not needed.

Managing PDF Files

PDF files can be opened in ClaroPDF from all other apps, including PDF email attachments or PDFs found in web pages. All opened PDF files will be placed in the ClaroPDF Gallery for later viewing. You can also open files from DropBox, or import PDF files via iTunes. PDF files can be Saved into the Gallery, back into DropBox, sent by e-mail, or opened in other apps supporting the PDF file format. ClaroPDF offers the option to email or forward the PDF in a ‘flattened format’ with annotations made permanent, or send the whole file with editable annotations for further review by others.

ClaroRead Compatibility

ClaroRead Pro and Plus for Windows can scan paper into accessible PDF files, retaining the original page image. These PDF files can be opened and spoken in ClaroPDF.

More Information

To find out more about our apps go to the Claro-Apps Web Page

For more information about the rest of Claro Software’s range of apps, go to, email or call +44 (0)1772 977888.

ClaroCom – New Communicator App From Claro Software

ClaroCom from Claro Software

ClaroCom and ClaroCom Pro are the new apps from Claro Software designed for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), available on iOS for iPad or iPhone. An AAC app helps to replace speech or assist writing for those with impairments in the production or comprehension of spoken or written language.

ClaroCom has an easy-to-use user interface that is appropriate for users who face challenges with social communication. ClaroCom helps AAC users to communicate with people outside their family in a variety of social situations.

ClaroCom Pro adds more powerful editing, privacy and communication features to the high-quality speech, user-editable phrases, and word prediction found in ClaroCom.

ClaroCom is available via the Apple App Store and is free for a limited time only!

To see ClaroCom in action view our overview video:

Watch the ClaroCom Overview Video

ClaroCom Or ClaroCom Pro

Can’t decide which app would best suit you? Check out our comparison chart below to help you decide.

ClaroCom versus ClaroCom Pro – All versions of ClaroCom have two text-to-speech voices, word prediction, phrase banks, messaging, and the ability to add your own phrases individually. ClaroCom Pro also has the ability to add phrases in bulk, post to FaceBook and Twitter, and flip the screen for private communication. Full details at

To Purchase ClaroCom Visit The App Store

More Information

To find out more about ClaroCom go to the ClaroCom Web Page

To find out more about ClaroSpeak go to the ClaroSpeak Web Page

To find out more about Claro Apps go to the Claro Apps Website

ClaroSpeak V2 Out Now

ClaroSpeak V2 New Features

  • Dropbox support. Open files straight from Dropbox into ClaroSpeak: PDF, Word 2003/2007/2010, Powerpoint 2007/2010, Pages, text and ePub files all import with just a tap. Save text composed and checked in ClaroSpeak to Dropbox. Save text converted to audio to Dropbox. Get notes and documents onto other devices and computers through Dropbox. (Using Dropbox requires Internet connectivity and a Dropbox account.)
  • New voices and languages. Choose from 55 voices in 27 different languages and even more accents. The ClaroSpeak app always comes with three or more voices: all additional voices are now available through in-app purchase in ClaroSpeak.
  • Echo typing. Hear each sentence as it is finished to immediately proof it. Hear each word as it is finished to check it is the right one. Hear each letter as it is typed while focussing on the keyboard. Communicate by typing and speaking with ClaroSpeak.
  • ClaroSpeak settings are now conveniently situated within ClaroSpeak.
  • Paged documents. PDF and PowerPoint – can be switched with a swipe between the original page view and the highlighting reading view. See the original with images and layout, listen to the reading view with highlighting and readable font and size.

ClaroSpeak still has its existing great features

  • Speak back any accessible text on the go with ClaroSpeak in a range of high quality voices.
  • Listen to speech with highlighting from PDF, PowerPoint, email, PDFs, Microsoft Word and Pages documents.
  • All voices are installed so do not need to be connected to the Internet to work and do not incur network charges or use of any data allowance.
  • Integrates with Mail and all iOS apps with Open In. Works online or offline.
  • Proof or edit documents with speech. Use the built-in iOS spellcheck within ClaroSpeak.
  • Create audio files from text in ClaroSpeak.
  • Use visual highlighting that syncs with the spoken words.
  • Change colour and font to allow for optimum reading – high or low contrast.
  • Purchase and get free updates straight from the Apple App Store.
  • Supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

ClaroSpeak works perfectly with ClaroRead on a Mac or PC

  • Proof and edit files created in ClaroSpeak with ClaroRead’s advanced spelling and homophone check.
  • Scan (OCR) paper documents and inaccessible PDF files with ClaroRead to create readable files. Send them to Dropbox so they appear on the iOS device. Use ClaroSpeak to access them on the move.
  • Create audio files with ClaroRead and add to iTunes to hear them on the iOS device.
  • Use the same font and colour to make reading and writing consistent and easy, whether on an iOS device, desktop or laptop.
  • Read eBooks and documents on a desktop or laptop with ClaroRead and with ClaroSpeak on an iOS device on the go by sharing files with Dropbox, emailing, or iTunes.

ClaroRead For PC And Mac

ClaroRead is a highly effective, multi-sensory software solution for supporting reading and writing. Designed with maximum simplicity and flexibility for all ages and abilities, ClaroRead aids concentration and increases confidence.

More Information

Buy ClaroSpeak

To purchase ClaroSpeak, visit the ClaroSpeak App Store pages below: