We now have a (basic) dedicated ePub Reader!

ePub is an ebook format: in plain English, that means things like Amazon Kindle, or iBooks on iPad, and services like Bookshare all use it for the electronic versions of print books. In theory you can also find .epub files, but in practice this is rare: it’s never really taken off (we think!) in decades of use.

This is a shame, because while PDF still reigns supreme for documents you pass around, get from scanning, or study, ePub does have some advantages – like being better able to be made bigger, or change colour. This makes it useful for some people with disabilities, like our users, so we need to know there are options for them.

ePub Reader

There have been various free ePub readers, and while they have not had speech and other specialised features for people with dyslexia, still, support was good enough. But then last Autumn Microsoft pulled ePub support out of their Edge web browser, which was the main Windows free reader, and we saw this and thought our users needed something more dependable that wouldn’t disappear when a big company changed business plans.

So Danesh has built us an ePub Reader! It’s pretty basic and simple at present, which makes it lovely and straightforward: open an ePub book, go to the page you want, tap to choose where to start, tap to play and read the book read aloud with highlighting and speech, so you can listen to your eBooks instead of having to plough through them by reading. It’s available for any platform (Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone, Android, and as a Web App for Chromebook). The plan is to have premium features for ClaroRead users, but for now it’s just free!

How to get it?

Try it out and let us know what you think! Here’s an ePub file if you don’t have one to hand: download.

  • Claro ePub Reader for Windows
  • Claro ePub Reader for Mac
  • Claro ePub Reader for Android
  • Claro ePub Reader for Web
  • Claro ePub Reader for iOS

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Danesh IqbalLead Developer
Alasdair King Product Manager

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