Claro FaceMouse is a software solution designed to assist people who have difficulty using traditional computer input methods. Using face and head movement, users can move the mouse pointer using only a standard webcam. This enables navigation around the computer screen with ease.

Coupling Claro FaceMouse with Oska on-screen keyboards enables users to read, write, play games and surf the net, further widening their use of a computer.

Claro FaceMouse Toolbar

Controlling The Mouse With Claro FaceMouse

Claro FaceMouse uses standard webcams to allow the users face to control and move the computer’s mouse pointer. Claro FaceMouse will smoothly control the mouse pointer by following head movements and facial gestures and actions (such as mouth opening and closing, or eyebrow movement).

Moving the head left, right, up or down will move the mouse pointer on the screen in the same direction.

Why Is Claro FaceMouse Cool?

  • Claro FaceMouse uses standard equipment (Windows machine, webcam) so it’s cheap, and highly-configurable and flexible. Other AT technology can be used with it including many OSK programs, or communicator software. Claro FaceMouse can be installed on laptops, tablets and desktops, so a machine that fits the space and purpose can be used (a desk versus a wheelchair).
  • It quick and easy to get Claro FaceMouse – just download and install.
  • Users don’t need to use a mouse any more, but can still control the computer completely. FaceBook, Word/Email/ Office, Games.
  • Claro FaceMouse doesn’t get confused by eye movement, which is constant and hard to control.
  • It can be configured specifically for the users movement requirements – sensitive, small, big, wild. Claro FaceMouse can be told to stop taking notice of movement a user can’t control (e.g. side to side shaking) and only notice controlled movement (e.g. mouth opening).
  • Claro FaceMouse is easy, because it uses standard equipment like a Windows machine and webcam, and because it’s easy to use, it shows your face so you can line up the camera easily and all the settings are in one place, so someone non-technical can help you use it. You don’t need a load of technicians coming in to change the smallest thing.