Educational software firm Claro has launched a new translation tool which could help millions of people around the world learn languages. ClaroLingo is the new development from the company behind ClaroRead, the easy-to-use software solution for supporting students who struggle with reading, writing and learning. It is dedicated to supporting people learning English and other languages. Building on the technology perfected for ClaroRead, ClaroLingo uses a high quality, accurate voice to read text aloud to help those learning how to pronounce words. ClaroLingo is currently linked to 40 sample dictionaries. Another key innovation is the hover key which means as a mouse hovers over a word in a document, web page or PDF file, the program uses a special technique to ‘capture’ the word and speak it out loud. Dave Stevens, commercial director of Claro Software, said: “At any one time it is estimated there are 600 million people around the world learning English as an additional language and a staggering 150,000 overseas students studying at UK universities. The industry is worth billions of pounds. “ClaroLingo builds on our existing technology, and uses the best, high quality voices so pronunciation is very good and provides an excellent model for students to imitate.”

Schools and colleges which have ClaroRead can buy ClaroLingo as an extra unit for their existing software.

Claro is interested to build licensing partnerships with specialist linguistic and language teaching companies. Contact to arrange a discussion.