Schools, colleges and public bodies struggling to find a way to comply with a complex raft of disability laws now have one easy and affordable site-wide IT accessibility solution from Claro Software – The Claro Accessibility Suite.

Claro Software’s powerful yet flexible Accessibility Suite combines all the tools needed to create universal access to information and text – for all levels of ability and an unlimited number of users. It can be installed on your network, run directly from USB memory sticks for portability, or can be deployed over the internet.

All the cutting edge technology available from assistive software experts Claro Software has been pulledtogether into this one unique Suite, now available as an unlimited user site license.

Each person who experiences dyslexia, reading difficulties, sight loss and low vision – and even people with no sight – will benefit from the Suite’s full complement of text-to-speech programs, screen rulers, magnifiers, colour overlays, concept maps and much more.

The Disability Discrimination Acts of 1995 and 2005, the Special Needs and Disability Act 2001, the Children Acts of 1989 and 2004, as well as numerous other national and international frameworks, require local education authorities to provide the right facilities to learn for all levels of ability and age.

Now, with the School Accessibility Suite priced from just £795 – organisations can have a full range of tools installed across all PCs, helping meet legal requirements in the learning environment. Claro provides a method to deliver a reasonable adjustment to the computer systems, providing greater accessibility to information and learning.

Claro Accessibility Suite can include:

ClaroRead Standard dyslexia support solution for Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer
ClaroView colour overlay software
MicroLink Colour Explorer background colour setting tool
ScreenRuler PC reading ruler
Claro MindFull – graphical concepts and ideas mapper.
Thunder screenreader for blind and low vision users.

USB Stick Portable Versions and Networked Delivered versions are available or can be configured according to requirements.

A free 15 day trial version of the Claro Accessibility Suite is available.

Please contact Claro Software for further details.