Our next update for our Claro ScanPen iOS app is here!  This update focuses on improving usability for our users by improving some of the most used features and adding some new options! 

Export your text

Previously you could only export your OCR scan as an image.  We’ve amended this so that you now have the option to export your OCR scan as text.  This is great for extracting and reviewing the text that you’ve been reading.  You can then send this text to any compatible app. 

Word highlight

Claro ScanPen highlights the text that you select, as it reads it.  But unlike our other Claro products, there was no way to have each word be highlighting individually.  We’ve added a new setting in Claro ScanPen that will now do this.  This lets you follow what is being spoken more closely: 

New colour picker

We’ve added a new colour picker to ScanPen so you choose many more highlight colours as well as being able to visualise what they look like. 

Enabled advanced settings by default

Some of our advanced settings in Claro ScanPen are really powerful and end up being critical to many of our user’s workflow, for example multi-image mode; which lets you scan multiple images at once.  These settings were not enabled by default and are hidden away in the iOS Settings app.  Now we’ve flipped these around, so these settings are now enabled by default. 

New voices

We’ve added lots of new voices that are available for in-app purchase to cover more of our customer’s needs!  These new voices include Scottish voices for adults and children. 

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