We’re excited to announce our next major update for Claro ScanPen iOS!  This update focuses on streamlining the UI and adding some OCR improvements as well as a new focus mode that was recently introduced in to our ClaroSpeak app.

What’s new?

Focus Mode

Sometimes there can be formatting issues or lots of distracting text in photos or documents that can impede a user’s focus.  So we’ve added a new focus mode to help with this.  When this feature is enabled, the app will dim out all other text, except for the current sentence that is being read.

Improved UI

In this update, we’ve spent some time to go through and improve the main UI of the app.  We’ve standardises the main buttons icons, so they are more familiar and we’ve added some icons to the settings menu to help our users quickly see what each setting does.

Improved OCR

We’ve also upgraded the OCR engine in ScanPen, so it  will automatically support more languages and offer improved speed and accuracy!  For more information on the full list of supported languages, check here: https://developers.google.com/ml-kit/vision/text-recognition/languages

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