After a successful show in 2010, Claro Software will be back at the ATIA Chicago 2011 exhibition. The event, held on the 3rd – 5th November, highlights advancing Assistive Technology in education that enhances learning, working and independence for people with disabilities.

We will be demonstrating ClaroRead Pro at ATIA 2011, our latest version of ClaroRead for PC. ClaroRead Pro includes powerful new technology that will scan and convert any publication into an editable PDF that can be read out loud with colour highlighting. Any scanned of inaccessible document will be perfectly reproduced with all pictures, diagrams, columns and text intact.

ClaroRead Pro Overview Video

Also at the show will be Claro FaceMouse, our alternative mouse control solution. Claro FaceMouse makes browsing web pages, sending emails and communicating with friends possible by using a webcam and the Claro FaceMouse software. Claro FaceMouse will smoothly control the mouse pointer by following head movements and facial gestures and actions (such as mouth opening and closing, or eyebrow movement). Moving the head left, right, up or down will move the mouse pointer on the screen in the same direction.

Claro representatives we will be on-hand at the event to demonstrate the full Claro Interfaces software range, including Oska, One Switch Mouse, and Tactix Touchpad.

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