Over the last year Claro Software has embarked on a variety of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. The carbon trust organisation has estimated that the UK emits 648 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year. Because of this, Claro Software has been working on energy reducing schemes to lower our carbon footprint.

Shred-it Certificate

Shred-it Certificate

One initiative was to reduce the amount of packaging we use for our product. By repackaging our software in paper sleeves instead of plastic DVD cases in large orders to system builders, we have managed to reduce the amount of plastic we use in packing. It has also reduced the amount of DVD covers that are produced, thereby lowering our paper usage.

Claro Software also participated in Shred-it’s shredding and recycling program, with the aim of cutting down our paper waste in the office. By joining the initiative the company saved 11.6 trees during the year.

To find out more about the Shred-it’s shredding and recycling program go to the Shred-it Web Site

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