It’s finally here; you asked, and we listened. Version 2 of Claro Writing Helper brings greater ease, clarity and simplicity when creating written content. Many students are now writing their essays, dissertations and reports with it, and are happier, more productive, and less stressed. We’ve also seen Claro Writing Helper create personal statements, manage legal cases, and complete PhD theses!

The goal of Claro Writing Helper is to reduce the overwhelm and stress when creating long structured pieces of writing. The software does that by both teaching the process for creating this structured work and also guides you through this process by helping you to focus only on the things that are important at each stage.

What’s new?

Management Features

We have built full file management features to allow saving, moving, editing, and opening  Claro Writing Helper projects. With the new version 2 of Claro Writing Helper, you can now:

  • Work on the same project on different machines, by saving to external media or Cloud storage.
  • Save multiple revisions of a project.
  • Collaborate with peers or submit work to your supervisor.
  • Your teacher, tutor, mentor, or academic supervisor can now create and share assignments, feedback and guidance with you.

Other Cool Changes

In addition to these file management features, we have:

Simplified the Question tab so the interface isn’t too full of text content. Click the ‘Look at Instructional Verbs’ button to explore the question.

Version 1 vs Version 2

Given you more default sections in you’re the Structure tab so you can head straight to the Sources tab and start highlighting your research.

Version 1 vs Version 2

Improved the guidance on paraphrasing, summarising and quoting the work of other authors in the Snippets tab.

Version 1 vs Version 2

Ensured that you will always cite, even if you forgot to click the “Insert Citation” button, the work of other authors in your published Word document.

We love hearing from you: please keep talking to us. Let us know what is working well, or how we can continue to make our software better for you.

How to get it?

Upgrade your Claro Writing Helper software now!

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Stuart marsden Product Manager

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