Have you ever been given an assignment to write an essay but not known where to start? Starting with a title, a word count, a deadline, and maybe a reading list, you are expected to go away, and put together a clear, well-argued perspective on the issues. Perhaps you are faced with this situation now? Or perhaps you haven’t had to write essays before but really want to learn how to go about it. Or maybe you’re a parent or teacher with students who face these issues, and you want tools to help you teach the essay writing process.

The new Claro Writing Helper from Claro Software has been created to help the overwhelmed student faced with this monstrous task of converting a question into a few thousand words of their own original thought. It not only helps the student produce excellent essays that get right to the heart of the question they are being asked, but it teaches good habits for the next essay and the essay after that. Based on best practice from educators around the world, Claro Writing Helper’s process has 7 steps, from entering basic details about the essay through to publishing it.

During development of Claro Writing Helper we have listened to our users and education experts, and focused on the real core needs of organisation, focus, and practical solutions. Allowing a student to take a breath and organise their approach is crucial to lowering stress and anxiety around quality and that ever-looming deadline. The student can focus on one step at a time, be that “understand the essay question”, “organise my essay outline”, “do my research”, so that they are less overwhelmed. Writing Helper is a practical solution to these needs, and we do hope that it makes the essay writing process less painful for our users.

How to get it?

Download 15-day trial version of Claro Writing Helper or activate a full version with a ClaroRead Plus or Pro licence key.

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