It’s hard to believe that Claro Writing Helper is nearly 6 months old already and we thank you all for the buzz and engagement around it. We are overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback we are receiving on how it is helping students write better essays. Your suggestions for features are all on a big list of fun things to do. Work is moving at a pace to keep on growing this new product, and as long as it keeps on helping, we’ll keep on improving it.  

A gift from us: new 3-minute demo video  

As a thank you to those of you in assessment and training roles, we have created the following video which is just over 3 minutes long and guides you through the Claro Writing Helper process. In many training sessions and online webinars over the last year we have had the request from many of you for something like this, that you can show students at assessment to both save you time and to show students what Claro Writing Helper does in a clear and consistent way.  

New features and changes 

In its first 6 months of life, most improvements have been ‘under the bonnet’. We’ve squashed some bugs, improved loading times, and tweaked a few things here and there, and just made sure to keep things tidy so that future updates can happen efficiently. In the future you’ll see loads of new features including: 

  • a new import/export feature so students can move projects between machines. 
  • the ability to link the mind mapping button on the ‘Question’ tab to different mind mapping applications like the excellent MindView or Inspiration. 
  • Template essay structures so the student need not start from scratch each time. 
  • Dark mode and colour customisation. 

Claro Writing Helper is on the approved software list for use within the DSA so can be recommended to students now. It isn’t included within ClaroRead as of version 1.2, so if any students who enjoyed it via their ClaroRead license at versions 1 or 1.1 and who now find themselves without Claro Writing Helper, we would invite them (or you) to email us at and we will issue them with a free standalone license for Claro Writing Helper so they aren’t left without.

More for assessors and trainers

If you’re a needs assessor, study skills trainer, AT trainer, or if you work in a related role and would like a demo of Claro Writing Helper, get in touch with to arrange. He will ensure you get a license for your copy as well as show you around the software and answer any questions you have.

Now included with site licenses

Many students use their institution’s computers for their work as well as their own laptops so with this in mind we have added Claro Writing Helper to any site licenses for ClaroRead Plus or ClaroRead Pro in schools, colleges and universities. The new import/export feature will be available very soon so students can save projects to USB or their preferred cloud storage.

If there are any questions, please get in touch at

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Stuart marsden Product Manager

Visit Roadmap to see what we are planning to build in the coming months. To see what we actually built, see Releases. If you have something you think we should do, why not tell us?