Students have to spend a lot of time essay writing and revising, working with documents and managing lots of text. This can be a challenge. To help, Claro Software created ClaroCapture, a study skills tool that lets you capture text and images from Word, PDF and web pages and organise your writing.

We know that Word documents, web pages and PDF files are the main documents that we use when researching and writing. ClaroCapture always worked perfectly with web pages and Word documents, but until now we have assumed users will be in Adobe Reader and that has limited what ClaroCapture can do.

ClaroPDF Windows now works with ClaroCapture to let you capture highlights from PDF files. You can open PDF files to review and read them with speech in ClaroPDF, highlight the passages you want, save the PDF file for future use, and at any time extract the highlighted passages into ClaroCapture to let you bring them together and work on your study or writing. It works just like capturing highlights from Word, which we know is super-popular amongst users. Here’s a quick demonstration:

You can even annotate your PDFs on your iPad with ClaroPDF for iPad and iPhone, open them in ClaroPDF Windows on your laptop, and extract the highlighting there – no need to be tied to your desk. We hear a lot about students finding sitting at the desk stressful, and want to empower people to be able to work where they can do their best – which might be on the sofa.

ClaroCapture 5 is included with every copy of ClaroRead Windows, Plus or Pro editions, and existing end users can update for free now.

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Alasdair King Product Manager

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