• ClaroCom updated to take advantage of the powerful switch access techniques in Apple’s forthcoming iOS 7.

• ClaroCom has now been made free from the Apple App Store. Get it now for free.

ClaroCom and ClaroCom Pro are communicator Apps from Claro Software, designed for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), available on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. An AAC App helps to replace speech or assist writing for those with impairments in the production or comprehension of spoken or written language.

The new release of ClaroCom now includes a full screen mode, which provides a clean full screen typing area, with the word and phrase predictions shown above the iPad or iPhone keyboard, appropriate for users who face challenges with social communication. ClaroCom helps AAC users to communicate with people outside their family in a variety of social situations.

ClaroCom Pro adds more powerful editing, privacy and communication features to the high-quality speech, user-editable phrases, and word prediction found in ClaroCom.

See ClaroCom Screenshot below:


I have really enjoyed working with the app, and am very impressed with it.

I especially like the split screen which makes it very easy to move quickly between categories and phrases. Not having to click a “Back” button to go back and look for a new category all the time sure makes continued conversation easier and reduces the delay in finding appropriate responses.

Editing and adding are so simple, especially compared to other apps I have reviewed. The fill-in-the-blank option is one of my favorite options!  It saves so much time, as well as space within all the phrase lists!

You have certainly met the need of an increasing number of individuals who are professionals but are losing their voice to medical issues. Your app maintains their professionalism and identity, and enables them to continue conversations easily. Thank you for understanding the needs of these individuals and providing a easy to use app that maintains their dignity!

Molly Hanson, ATP