Many people with dyslexia struggle to organise their thoughts, notes and research: ClaroIdeas lets them do all these things visually.

ClaroIdeas lets you organise your thoughts, notes, and research visually, which is super-useful if you struggle with big linear bits of text because you are dyslexic. You can stay on top of your work, not get stressed and feel more confident that the structure is right if you plan and map things out.

ClaroIdeas is now available on Chromebooks, Apple Mac, Web and Windows, and ClaroIdeas 3 for Windows completes the set by letting you save and load ideas maps you’ve made on any platform. Create a mind map plan on your Windows PC, then refer to it on your iPad when you are sitting in your comfy chair revising your work.

We’ve also made it super easy to add audio notes to any of the nodes or ideas in the map: record little notes in the map, play them back later, and structure and get things down without having to type everything. They’ll also export to Word with the rest of the map so you can listen to the notes you made for yourself when you come to write or dictate your essay.


How to get it?

ClaroIdeas is included in ClaroRead Plus and Pro Windows.

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Juan FerrerLead Developer
Alasdair Kind Product Manager

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