Claro Software is delighted to announce the release of the innovative ClaroLingo Schools Edition, “assistive software for language learning”.  Claro recently signed an agreement with publishing giant Harper Collins, and the ClaroLingo schools edition includes the extensive range of Collins language dictionaries.

ClaroLingo uses human quality voices that speak aloud text from web pages, Word documents, emails and more, giving help to those learning how to pronounce words. ClaroLingo is currently linked to a wide range of language dictionaries from partner Harper Collins, and other dictionary content can be added . It includes an extensive homophone checker, giving extra support for checking the many hundreds of confusable words in the English language.

“At any one time it is estimated there are 600 million people around the world learning English as an additional language and a staggering 150,000 overseas students studying at UK universities. The industry is worth billions of pounds. ClaroLingo builds on our existing technology, and uses the best, high quality voices so pronunciation is very good and provides an excellent model for students and other language learners to imitate. ClaroLingo provides assistance and independence for language learners at school, university and in the workplace”.

A key innovation in ClaroLingo is the hover feature which means as a mouse hovers over a word in a document, e-mail, web page or PDF file, the program uses a special technique to ‘capture’ the word. Immediately after capturing it, ClaroLingo can speak it with a human voice, translate it and search on the internet for more information.

Clarolingo allows easier and faster studying in English for students, where English is a foreign language. ClaroLingo can also reduce student support time by offering translations, proofreading and pronunciation examples on their computer. ClaroLingo builds upon all existing language tuition courses and tools. It is always with you when you are working on the internet, e-mailing, preparing reports and assignments and reading other documents.

The ClaroLingo School version contains two British English voices, a French voice, German voice and Spanish voice. The current included Harper Collins dictionary set provided with ClaroLingo schools edition includes;

• English to French
• English to German
• English to Italian
• English to Polish
• English to Portuguese
• English to Spanish
• French to English
• German to English
• Italian to English
• Polish to English
• Portuguese to English
• Spanish to English
• English Definitions

Additional dictionaries are being added, and will be available as updates via the ClaroLingo program updater.

The price of the ClaroLingo schools edition is £149 for a single PC, and competitive unlimited school network licenses are also available from £795. For more information, please contact Claro Software Ltd.

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