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The ClaroPDF application is getting more and more popular. Many people with learning differences or reading and writing difficulties like dyslexia are using this practical software to read the text aloud. Until today, the application was included with ClaroRead Windows and ClaroRead Mac. Also, Android and iOS users can download and use it as an application to read accessible PDFs aloud on their Phones, iPhone and Tablets.

Today, we are pleased to announce that our application ClaroPDF is now available on one of the most popular laptops, running by Google’s Chrome OS – Chromebook!

More great news for you! ClaroPDF Chromebook is FREE and can be downloaded from Google Chrome Store!


  • The application can read the text aloud when you upload an accessible PDF file.
  • The application can display annotations.
    Asssitive software ClaroPDF Web Annotations
  • In the“SETTINGS” section, you can get access to many voices and select the most pleasant voice for you.
  • Note: The number of voices will vary depending on the type of Chromebook you are using.

Things to know

  • After installation, the application will appear on the list with other Chromebook applications. Press the launcher button (usually bottom left of the screen) to open the full list of applications your device has.
    Asssitive software ClaroPDF Web Annotations
  • This is a Chromebook application, and it will not work on Google Chrome Browser. To read text aloud in Google Chrome Browser download the FREE version of ClaroRead Chrome.

How to get ClaroPDF Chromebook?

You can download our Chromebook app from Chrome Web Store!

Get it on Google Play
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