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Reading can be a challenge for people with print and reading difficulties. How would you feel if you had a self-voicing PDF reader to help students read their work aloud, and help them with exams?

With ClaroPDF, you can have your PDF files read aloud using a built-in screen reader to ensure maximum readability.

It’s easy to use. Just click to indicate where to start reading and press play. Your text will then be read aloud with highlighting with any colour you choose, making text easier to follow.

Don’t worry if you need to go back, you can do this as many times as you want. You can start and stop the screen reader as required using the play and stop buttons.

Press pause at any time to annotate your files. When you are finished you can print your finalised PDF.

It’s a simple, effective study tool that helps with reading and is now available on Windows machines as an extra on ClaroRead for PC. You can also use it on Android and the Web.

“Wonderful app for students and anyone with accessibility needs. Developers are also very responsive with support. – 5-star review from our App Store.

If you require any assistance, go to our support page where you can access the user guide, or contact our Support Team who are always happy to help.