ClaroPDF 4 has just been released and this update provides some accessibility improvements to help with your workflow and readability.

The first improvement is you can now create new documents directly from the Files view of ClaroPDF, using the + or Create Document button:

Create new document
Create new document

You can create documents using any images, either from your library or by taking new ones using the devices camera.

The next improvement aids with the readability of the annotation toolbar icons.  Using annotations is an integral part of many of users’ workflow, but the buttons on the annotation toolbar could sometimes be hard to differentiate or select.  We’ve increased the size of the icons to help distinguish each button and make them easier to select:

toolbar icons (old)
Toolbar with smaller icons (Old)
toolbar icons (new)
Toolbar with bigger icons (New)

If you would like to revert the icon sizes back to their original sizes, you can switch off the “Use larger icon sizes” setting in the ClaroPDF Settings menu.

How to get it?

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