Our next major update for ClaroPDF iOS is ready for release! In this update we’ve focused on making some convenience changes and adding some much-requested features.

What’s new?


We’ve made some convenience changes in this new ClaroPDF udpate to help improve and speed-up some user work flows.

We’ve made it much simpler to quickly scan your current PDF. In older versions of ClaroPDF iOS, you had to go through multiple steps and taps to scan your current PDF. Now, this should be possible with a single tap; by using the new Scan button on the ClaroPDF iOS toolbar.

If you’ve ever used the Save as PDF app extension to save a web page as a PDF, you’ll notice that it works well, but you have to then go in to the ClaroPDF app, find the PDF and then open it. The 5.0 update greatly improves this experience! Now, ClaroPDF will automatically launch and open the PDF you just created!

Pause Feature

Many of our users have long requested the ability for ClaroPDF to pause speaking and be able to resume where it left off.  We’re happy to say that this has arrived in 5.0!

In 5.0, when ClaroPDF is speaking, the play button will now become a pause button and you can tap that to pause ClaroPDF reading.  You can tap the play button to resume and ClaroPDF will continue reading from where it was paused:

Next & Previous Sentence

When ClaroPDF is reading your document, you can select which sentence to go to, by tapping it.  This works well, but is not great for our users with restricted mobility and vision.  To aid this, we’ve now added the ability to skip the next or previous sentence in ClaroPDF:

  • You can tap the previous page button or swipe left to go to the previous sentence.
  • You can tap the next page button or swipe right to go to the next page.

More Information


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