We are excited to announce our new update for ClaroPDF iOS. ClaroPDF is now fully integrated with the iOS Files app to help with managing and organising your files and documents. It also supports the new document scanner for the photo to PDF feature, new iOS Dark Mode and allows you to merge PDf files.

What’s New?

Files App Integration

Integration with Files App now allows you create folders to organize your documents, quickly rename the files or folders without leaving the app. New drag and drop system allows you quickly move files around, including to other apps on your device. Also, from ClaroPDF app now you can edit any document on your device. Any changes you make to this file will be saved to the file in its original location!


Merge PDFs

Being able to take a photo of a document and turn it into a PDF file is a powerful tool for quick user accessibility. To compliment this, the new version of ClaroPDF includes a new merge PDF feature that you can use to merge multiple PDF files into a single file. If you have multiple photos of a document for example, you can now use this tool to merge them all into a single PDF. Also you have the option of rearranging the order in which the PDFs should appear in the new PDF.

Merge Documents Example

Merge Files Together


To use new merge tool, in the files list of ClaroPDF, tap the Select button and select the PDF files you wish to merge. Once you have selected the files, tap the merge button (red quadrangle). You then have the option of rearranging the order in which the PDFs should appear in the new PDF. Tap Done when you’re happy and the PDF files will be merged into a single PDF.

Scanning and Dark Mode Features

ClaroPDF can now automatically detect document shapes, take a photo, crop and deskew the photo; all in one. With this new feature, you can ensure that you get the most accurate photo for text recognition. Also, this new version of ClaroPDF fully supports Dark mode, which tints your entire device and compatible apps with a dark-contrasting colour scheme.

New Dark Mode

Light and New Dark Mode


How to get it?

Download Free version of ClaroPDF from Apple App Store Now!



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