ClaroRead reads PDF files in Adobe Reader (and Acrobat) and that suits most people very well. However, having our own PDF reader has some advantages: ClaroCapture can capture highlights from it, and we can make it self-voicing so that it can be used in exams or on its own as a simpler, integrated package. Future versions can include OCR/scanning and other features.

ClaroPDF Windows is our PDF reader, and we’ve just updated it. You can now highlight and annotate PDF files. So you can mark up your papers and revision notes as part of your study and essay writing. These can then be extracted by the upcoming ClaroCapture 5. You can also save your PDF with your annotations and highlights and open it on ClaroPDF on your iPad – or any other PDF reader – because all of this is standard, cross-platform PDF.

ClaroPDF Windows Highlighting
ClaroPDF with highlighting

There’s more to do on ClaroPDF so it’s still in active development, but I’m using it as my personal PDF reader and it’s working well – it helps that it is based on the Google Chrome PDF reader, which is rock solid and fast. As we add in more accessibility features, I can see it becoming an absolutely core part of our software range.

ClaroPDF Windows comes included with ClaroRead Plus and Pro, and you can get it from Claro Update automatically or download it from our website.

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Nathan DewhurstLead Developer
Alasdair King Product Manager

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