We’re steadily developing our new ClaroPDF Windows App: now you can choose your preferred text-to-speech voice – male, female, which language and accent. You can also decide how fast it should speak: many people like to slow down voices to take in things more slowly, or speed up voices to get through more content in less time (eBooks, for example). 

Of course, Adobe Reader is the gold standard for PDF files, and ClaroRead still reads Adobe Reader PDF files out loud just great: but having our own PDF reader and editor lets us reach more users who will benefit from text-to-speech and Claro Software options – users who are using annotations for study, or in exams

ClaroPDF Windows 3

The next version will support more voices and password-protected PDF files. If you have thoughts on how it might be most useful or want to find out more about where we are going with ClaroPDF, why not join our Insiders program

ClaroPDF is included with ClaroRead for DSA or Workplace, do try it out today! 

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Nathan DewhurstLead Developer
Alasdair King Product Manager

Visit Roadmap to see what we are planning to build in the coming months. To see what we actually built, see Releases. If you have something you think we should do, why not tell us?