PDF! It’s not going anywhere. We use it for references, for scans, for forms, for exams. And people love our ClaroPDF App on iPad. So we have a ClaroPDF Windows App too – and we’ve just updated it.

What’s new?

Highest-quality text-to-speech voices

First, you can now choose one of the highest-quality text-to-speech voices that you get if you have also got ClaroRead for Windows. Hear documents read out with the very best, most accurate speech so you can relax and take in what they are saying.

Password-protected PDF files

Second, you can now open password-protected PDF files in ClaroPDF, so if you get a password-protected PDF file sent to you, then you can open and read it back. Technical note: password protection in PDF is little bit old-fashioned, so you might conceivably get a PDF file and have the password and it still won’t read – go back and tell the person who sent the PDF that you need a password to allow editing, not just opening, to have it read back. PDF dates before accessibility tools!

ClaroPDF Windows 4

Of course, Adobe Reader is the gold standard for PDF files, and ClaroRead still reads Adobe Reader PDF files out loud just great: but having our own PDF reader and editor lets us reach more users with more features, like annotations that work with ClaroCapture. Alasdair uses it as his main PDF reader because it’s so fast and simple, we hope you like it too.

How to update

You can download the latest version from your Claro account. If you don’t already have a Claro account, don’t worry, just create an account (for free) and input your licence key in the License Keys section.


Click here to download the ClaroPDF Windows 4 directly.

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Nathan DewhurstLead Developer
Alasdair King Product Manager

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