ClaroRead 8 includes a shortcut button to allow you to start and stop dictation using the world-class Dragon speech recognition program so you don’t have to open it separately. Many users have purchased both ClaroRead and Dragon software so this is an easy way to access Dragon form the text-to-speech toolbar. If Dragon is not installed on the computer the icon will be greyed out. Dragon is also a complex program because it is so very powerful, so it can be a challenge for users. We thought our ClaroRead users would benefit from a way to launch and control Dragon from within ClaroRead. In ClaroRead 8 we have introduced a new Dictate button to the ClaroRead toolbar:

Dictation Button

Dictation Feature – How does it work?

Of course, Dragon lets you control ANYTHING on your Windows computer, and we are not going to do that with one button! Instead the Dictate button in ClaroRead works just like the microphone button on the Dragon toolbar: click on it to start Dragon listening, dictate what you want to say, and click it again to turn off the application – all from within the ClaroRead application. You can also use all the Dragon commands, like “Go to sleep”, and the Dictate button will update automatically to show what Dragon is doing.


For many users Dragon is used primarily to dictate text into Microsoft Word or Outlook. The Dictate button lets them start and stop Dragon while using only one floating toolbar, which is easier and cleaner to use. We also hope that having Dragon available from ClaroRead means that this powerful software is “surfaced” to more users and is more likely to be used.

Claro Products With Dictate Option

On ClaroRead Mac we have also added a Dictate button, which uses the Apple speech recognition system. ClaroRead Chromebook also has a dictate button that uses the Google speech recognition, so all our ClaroReads now have speech recognition from the toolbar. Speech recognition is a powerful technology that can really help people, and it’s great to support getting it out there.

Echoing Dragon Voice Input

ClaroRead Windows can also echo back each word or phrase that Dragon recognises. This helps user confidence, as well as dictation accuracy, by confirming that Dragon has recognised your speech correctly. Or if it hasn’t, you’ll know immediately so that you can correct the mistake.

To use this feature:

  • In Dragon, turn on the Results Box (Tools > Options > Appearance).
  • In ClaroRead, go to Advanced Speech settings and make sure that “Echo Dragon voice input” is selected. It’s on by default.
The echo feature works best with a headset (or microphone and headphones) – otherwise, Dragon might recognise ClaroRead’s speech!

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