ClaroRead 9 is now out! This is the last of our blog posts on new features and changes.

We’ve made some tweaks to how ClaroRead 9 works to make it easier for hard-working admins to deploy and use.

  • If you are using multiple languages in ClaroRead you had to use our “flag” system, where you saw the two languages that were selected at installation (e.g. Dutch and English). Now ClaroRead always uses your system language as your language, and you can select any number of second languages for translation and spellcheck. Most English-speaking users won’t see this additional switch, but non-English-speaking users will find it easier to switch between their language, English, and any others.
  • You can now sign into your Claro account to unlock ClaroRead instead of entering a licence key. This means you don’t need to get the licence key from your account and you can use a work/school login if that’s easier.
  • Support staff will find a new About button in Settings that lets you access program details and licensing information more easily.
  • And finally the super-useful Restore Settings program now deletes (resets) all the settings for every Claro program, including ScreenRuler, so if anything gets muddled up it’s only a click to get everything back to its pristine default state!

We hope these little improvements are helpful. Any comments or small things we can do to make your life easier? Get in touch or join our Insiders program to have your say on the next version of ClaroRead for Windows!

ClaroRead for Windows will update on your machine automatically if you are a single user, or you can always download it from our website.

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Alasdair Kind Product Manager

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