ClaroRead 9 for Windows is out now! This is the second of three posts about our new version.

Most of our users are in education, but we have many in the workplace, and it’s hard to get away from Microsoft Outlook for your email.

In ClaroRead 9 you can now read Microsoft Outlook 2016 like you read Word: when you are composing an email you can read back with highlighting of your choice (word or sentence, background colours) and when reading an email you have received you get highlighting based on your system colours.

In any case you can now read through your emails by pressing Play and simply sit back as they are read aloud: comfortable and helpful, and we make sure that we keep the email looking exactly as it used to – no switching to another weird reading panel, just work in Outlook as normal.

Reading in Outlook
Reading in Outlook

ClaroRead for Windows will update on your machine automatically if you are a single user, or you can always download it from our website.

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