Chromebooks are getting more and more popular, especially among the students around the world. The reasons why people are becoming users of this technology are simple: Chromebooks are cheaper, easier to use, long battery life and most important access to Google Apps for Education. It provides students with free cloud-based email storage, access to collaborative documents and presentations all in a cloud-based system.

To make sure that Chromebook and Chrome browser users with learning differences or with a disability such as dyslexia have support and access to assistive technology Claro Software made a ClaroRead Chrome extension.

ClaroRead Chrome supports reading, writing and study on Chromebooks and Chrome browser. It helps you write with Google Docs, read and research PDF files and web pages, and organise your thoughts with mind mapping. Text to speech ClaroRead software is used worldwide in schools by hundreds of thousands of users with and without dyslexia and print impairments.

ClaroRead Chrome comes in a super-useful free option which you can update to a premium version, to unlock its powerful features, or you can get a site licence.

What’s new in ClaroRead Chromebook 19 Update?

The new feature is available only for premium users. New update adds subject-specific dictionaries to make word prediction more useful and relevant when you are writing – get the right word faster. To use this feature follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open ClaroRead Chrome;
  • Step 2: Go to Settings and click on ‘PREDICTION’ tab;
  • Step 3: Choose ‘USE PREDICTION’ and select one of the prediction dictionaries;
  • Step 4: Start typing your text and enjoy this feature.
Open ClaroRead Chrome
Go to Prediction Tab
Choose a Dictionary
Enjoy Prediction Feature

Get it!

Available in the Chrome Web Store

Downloads and Purchasing

  • ClaroRead for Chromebook Individual
  • Site Licences:
    • Annual subscription.
    • Includes Service & Maintenance.
    • Includes ClaroSpeak Chrome App, ClaroIdeas Chrome App, and ClaroRead for Chromebook Extension.
    • Contact Sales for a quote.

ClaroRead Chrome developer

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