We’re pleased to announce an update of ClaroRead for the DSA market in the UK. We have made some minor stability improvements, but most importantly – after feedback from our users – we have added two high-quality text-to-speech voices to the installer – introducing Kate and Oliver! You can listen to the new voices below.

Kate British English Female
Oliver British English Male

ClaroRead for Windows has for a long time offered users the option to install new text-to-speech voices from our selection of 80 voices in 30 languages, but we have recently come to realise that many users and DSA assessors have not been aware of that. With the new release, the DSA students will instantly get to enjoy the benefits of the high-quality voices, Kate and Oliver. To see all the voices and languages available for ClaroRead for Windows, go to https://www.clarosoftware.com/support/voices/

How to get it?

Download the 15-day trial version of ClaroRead.

Buy ClaroRead.

More Information

ClaroRead product page – Windows | Mac
ClaroRead release notes – Windows | Mac


Alasdair KingDeveloper
Alasdair King

Nathan DewhurstDeveloper
Nathan Dewhurst

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