We now have ClaroRead for the Microsoft Edge web browser!

Our ClaroRead Chrome extension is a great hit, with hundreds of thousands of installs. But of course, it only worked in the Google Chrome browser and on Chromebooks.

Now Microsoft has changed how their Edge web browser works, so Edge can run the ClaroRead Chrome extension. This is great because some people only have Edge, especially locked-down school and corporate environments, and anyone using the new Windows 10S version of Windows. Note that you have to install version 77 or later of Microsoft Edge for this to work – the Edge built in to Windows 10 won’t cut it!

This means you get almost everything from ClaroRead Chrome in Edge:

  • Read aloud PDFs and web pages and Word.
  • Spellcheck and homophone check.
  • Scan from the screen to read anything you want.
  • Word prediction.
  • Screen tinting.

You don’t get speech recognition, though, since it turns out this does not work in Edge at present: the button just won’t show on the toolbar. Here it is on the BBC website:

ClaroRead Edge Toolbar

You can also get the free version of ClaroRead Edge and upgrade it with your ClaroRead Windows or Mac key, or sign into your Claro account. It even works on Windows 7 and 8.

In the future ClaroRead Edge will be updated as ClaroRead Chrome is updated, since they are the same program – there might be a few differences, depending on the browsers and how each Store operates, but generally you can think of them as the same.

How to get it?

You can download ClaroRead Edge extension from Microsoft Edge Store.

Microsoft Store

Download Microsoft Edge web browser.

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