ClaroRead for Mac V5 is the latest version of our reading and writing support tool for Mac. ClaroRead for Mac is designed to support individuals who struggle with reading and writing. Users of any age and level of ability will have a world of information unlocked through ClaroRead.

ClaroRead for Mac V5

New in ClaroRead for Mac V5

Nuance Vocalizer Voices
ClaroRead for Mac now includes 8 high quality Nuance Vocalizer Voices. Click on the following links to hear audio samples of the voices.

ClaroRead Plus and Standard include 8 high quality voices.

ClaroRead  Standard USB includes 4 high quality voices.

Apple Pages
ClaroRead for Mac supports speech in Pages. Features supported include the homophone checker and highlighting features.

Check Anywhere Feature
The Check Anywhere feature allows users to spell check any text in any application, whether it is a web page, document or PDF.

Improved in ClaroRead for Mac V5

Check Window Feature
The Check Window feature now includes extras such as a dictionary definition of the chosen word and context box. The Check Window also displays the meaning and Synonyms of a chosen word.
Dock Icon Feature
Control the functions of ClaroRead including Play, Stop and Save to Audio through the dock icon. Access the main features of ClaroRead even when the application is minimised.

Prediction Feature
The Prediction feature has been enhanced and can now be used when typing in any application, such as the web browser or TextEdit.

To find out more, go to the ClaroRead for Mac V5 Web Page