Claro Software is delighted to announce a new version of ClaroRead for Mac. ClaroRead for Mac V6 makes it easier to speak or copy any text or scanned images of text on your Mac, as well as adding the new ClaroSpeak for Mac text-to-speech reader app.

  • ClaroRead for Mac V6 now gets Scan from Screen in all ClaroRead variants: ClaroRead SE, ClaroRead Standard, and ClaroRead Plus. Scan from Screen allows users to quickly and easily select and capture any part of the screen and hear the text spoken aloud. Any text on the screen can be read aloud – Google Books, web pages, or PDF images and inaccessible PDF files. The text can also be pasted to other application for research or accessibility purposes. There is also a fast shortcut key combination that allows this function to be launched when any other Mac application is active.
  • ClaroRead Plus for Mac V6 now lets you convert PDF files, image files and paper documents into accessible formats faster and more simply. With fewer steps and faster OCR (Optical Character Recognition) you can now focus more on reading and editing text and less on processing files.
  • ClaroRead for Mac V6 now includes a PDF and text viewer app, ClaroSpeak Mac, that lets you read PDF, Word DOCX and text files with text-to-speech and simultaneous colour highlighting.
ClaroRead for Mac V6 toolbar

With these new power options we’ve updated our ClaroRead for Mac range as follows:

  • ClaroRead Plus for Mac now comes with the integrated OCR functions, Scan from Screen and ClaroSpeak Mac (as well as the popular included ScreenRuler and ClaroCapture for Mac).
  • ClaroRead SE for Mac V6 and ClaroRead Standard for Mac V6 are still available, and both include the Scan from Screen feature and ClaroSpeak for Mac.

You can download ClaroRead for Mac V6 from ClaroRead Cloud using your ClaroRead for Mac V5 or V6 licence key. If you don’t have a licence key, please contact

For a complete description of everything new in ClaroRead for Mac V6 see the release notes. ClaroRead for Mac SE, Standard, Plus and Pro bundles are shipping now!