Written by Michelle McArdle, developer of ClaroRead Mac.

ClaroRead Mac 7.2 is out now! If you’re thinking of upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina, then you will need to update ClaroRead Mac too!

How to update

If you have an earlier version, please update it by selecting Check for updates in the ClaroRead file menu, or download the latest version from your Claro account. If you don’t already have a Claro account, don’t worry, just create an account (for free) and input your licence key in the License Keys section.

So, what’s new?

Apart from it being fully compatible with the latest macOS Catalina, there have been some pretty good word prediction and voice improvements too.

Prediction wildcard options

Do you know what the word starts and ends with, but haven’t a clue about the middle bit? We’ve got you covered!

Type underscore (_) to match any number of characters. For example, neccessary? neccesary? Typing “ne_y” finds “necessary”. Phew!

Prediction window showing 5 words beginning with "ne" and ending in "y"

And if you’re not sure what each of the suggested words says, just point your mouse at them to hear them read out.

You can also use star (*) to match an exact number of characters in a word, for example typing “h**se” might suggest “house” or “horse”.

Subject-specific prediction dictionaries

Imported from ClaroRead Windows, there are now a number of subject-specific prediction dictionaries installed as standard, these can be used alone or in conjunction with a basic English dictionary.

ClaroRead Mac showing the list of all prediction dictionaries available

Please note: if you have updated to ClaroRead 7.2 from a previous version, you won’t automatically see the new subject-specific dictionaries.

Creating your own prediction dictionaries from word lists

Do you have your own list of keywords that you want to make into a prediction dictionary? Simply save these words in a text file (one word per line) and then import it into ClaroRead.

ClaroRead Mac Settings. Predict, General, plus button. Import button.

In Settings, under the Predict tab, select the plus (+) button to add a new prediction dictionary, then choose Import and select the text file you’ve made. The dictionary will be automatically created and selected, ready for you to use!

Phonetic prediction

Ph/f, kn/n, it doesn’t matter, word prediction will cope with these (in English) and keep suggesting helpful words.

Currently only available in English, Swedish and Danish.

Pictures in Prediction

Prediction window in ClaroRead with images for each word

The prediction window will now show you pictures alongside the prediction suggestions, to further help you select the correct word as you type.


We now supply the latest version of Nuance TTS voices, Vocalizer Embedded. These voices retain the same high-quality as always, but with a smaller file size. Quicker to download, quicker to install!

If you want to download and install more voices, in Settings click on the voice name box, scroll to the bottom and select Download more Claro voices.


Assistive Software Developer Michelle

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