Business organisations and educational institutions more and more are turning to assistive technologies. The main reasons for this are to help and make the job easier, more comfortable for disabled staff members, teachers or students with learning differences. However, it is not always easy to find assistive software, which would be simple to understand, easy to use and would have all important features in one toolbar.

ClaroRead could be the solution! While ClaroRead Windows 8 is going through final tests, ClaroRead Mac 7 is here and ready to assist you!

ClaroRead Mac 7 Toolbar

ClaroRead Mac 7 supports reading and writing. Designed to be simple, easy-to-use and flexible, ClaroRead aids concentration and increases confidence. You can read any on-screen text out loud and improve your writing in Microsoft Word. The software also lets you scan and convert paper books and documents so you can read them aloud too.

You Asked – We Did!

The previous version of ClaroRead Mac has many useful features. However, there are always ways to improve and make users’ experience even better. To do that, we have added one more feature to our simple toolbar – dictation. The opportunity to use the built-in Mac dictation feature within ClaroRead means that there is no need to open several applications at once. Everything is in one place!

Dictate feature – How does it work?

The dictation feature is very easy to use. All you need is to open and click on your document where you want to write the text, and then click on the Dictate button to activate the macOS dictation feature. Also, it will not only write down the text you speak, but will also automatically read back your dictated text from Microsoft Word, Pages or TextEdit.

Another useful update to know!

Our homophone data has been updated to include example sentences with each definition.

Check window in ClaroRead Mac 7 with the description box highlighted

Why not try the new ClaroRead Mac 7 today?

Download a free 15-day trial version of our software. For the best experience, download one or more high-quality human-sounding TTS voices as well as ClaroRead.

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