Written by Michelle McArdle, product manager and developer of ClaroRead Mac.

ClaroRead Mac 8.1 is out now!

How to update

If you have an earlier version, please update it by selecting Check for updates in the ClaroRead file menu, or download the latest version from your Claro account. If you don’t already have a Claro account, don’t worry, just create an account (for free) and input your licence key in the License Keys section.

What’s new?

Show & Clear Homophones is back!

In version 8 we removed the show/clear homophones option and replaced it with a simpler homophone check button. Following customer feedback we’ve now added the show and clear options back into the Homophones button menu. The new homophone check feature is still there too as Check Document.

Improved prediction

Prediction is now more aligned with Windows and Chrome. If your typed word is a homophone, the alternative homophone words are shown in the prediction window in case you’ve typed the wrong version. If the typed word is incorrect and is in the misspellings list, the associated correction is shown first.

Toolbar reordering

In version 8 we introduced the ability to be able to show and hide buttons on the toolbar as well as show and hide the button captions and adjust the size of the icons on the buttons. Now, in 8.1, you can also reorder the buttons to help you further customise your ClaroRead toolbar so it works in the best way possible for your needs.

For example, if you’d find it easier if the Scan button was first, simply drag the Scan entry to the top of the list in Settings and the toolbar will reorder itself!

ClaroRead View settings showing Scan at the top of the button list

Universal apps for M1 Macs

The Extra applications (Auto Converter, ClaroCapture, ClaroView and ScreenRuler) are now Universal apps. This means they can run natively on both Intel and ARM (M1) Macs.

ClaroRead is still an Intel app for now and does run on M1 Macs, just not natively yet.

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