Written by Michelle McArdle, developer of ClaroRead Mac.

ClaroRead Mac 8 is out now! If you’re thinking of upgrading to macOS 11 Big Sur, then you will need to update ClaroRead Mac too!

How to update

If you have an earlier version, please update it by selecting Check for updates in the ClaroRead file menu, or download the latest version from your Claro account. If you don’t already have a Claro account, don’t worry, just create an account (for free) and input your licence key in the License Keys section.

So, what’s new?

Apart from it being fully compatible with the latest macOS Big Sur, there have been some pretty good new features and improvements too. Let get into them:

Pages Integration

Prefer to use Pages instead of Microsoft Office? ClaroRead will now read your text in Pages with synchronised highlighting! The Check feature and Font options will also work in the same way as in Microsoft Word.

ClaroRead Mac reading in Pages

View Settings

You can now change which buttons you see on the toolbar! This can reduce visual stress and increase simplicity if you only use a few of the toolbar buttons day-to-day.

You can also change the size of the icons and remove the button captions.

ClaroRead Mac View Settings
Normal ClaroRead Mac toolbar
Small ClaroRead Mac toolbar

Docking the toolbar to the top of the screen

Toolbar still getting in the way? Simply move it to the top of the screen and it will ‘dock’ into the menu bar along the top. From there you will still have access to the main ClaroRead features, simple!

Word checking

We’ve changed the way checking a word or document works in ClaroRead Mac 8, so you can choose how you check your document based on your needs.

Quick word check: to check the word you are on in Microsoft Word or Pages, click the Check button. This will show you if the word is a homophone, spelling error, or if it’s neither it will show you synonyms and other information.

Spell check whole document: in Word or Pages, click the Check button, then Spell Check All. The whole document will be processed and spelling errors presented to you. In any other app select the text you want to be spell checked and click the Check button.

ClaroRead Mac Spell Check All button

In-depth check – homophones AND spelling errors: in Word or Pages, place your cursor when you would like the check to begin from and click the Homophones button. The text will be processed and homophones and spelling errors presented to you so you can ensure that all of your text is correct. In any other app select the text you want to be processed and click the Homophones button.

Edit the Extras list

The Extras list is a handy way to quickly launch other apps. You can now edit this list to remove any apps you don’t use and add in ones you do. They don’t have to be Claro apps, just any apps that are useful to you!

You can also add in web links, perhaps to useful resource or reference pages that you use often.

ClaroRead Mac Extras Editor

Load more prediction suggestions

The Prediction window now has an arrow in the bottom-right corner to load the next five suggestions. Don’t forget you can also click and drag the bottom-right corner to increase or decrease the prediction window text size!

ClaroRead Mac Prediction arrow

New: AutoConverter Mac app

After receiving great feedback from our Windows version, we decided to make a Mac version of AutoConverter! Once set up, simply copy or drag files into your AutoConverter folder and compatible files will be automatically OCR’ed into accessible formats (.pdf, .docx and/or .txt). Great for batch converting photos or scans of textbook pages!

AutoConverter Mac window

Learn more about AutoConverter Mac here.

Updated: ClaroCapture Mac app

There have been many improvements made to ClaroCapture Mac. You can now dock the toolbar to the top menu, like in ClaroRead, add audio notes and more!

ClaroCapture Mac toolbar

Read the release notes for ClaroCapture here.

Learn more about ClaroCapture here.

New icon style

In line with the new macOS 11 Big Sur, we’ve updated our Mac app icon style to match! Pretty!

Mac Big Sur icons

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